How To Get People To Fund Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on 21 December, 2015 by Team Wishberry

How To Get People To Fund Your Crowdfunding Campaign For successful crowdfunding, having a kickass, mind-blowing idea is just one part of the big equation. The other major factor is the crowd. Now, beyond your family, friends and personal networks (basically, all those who know you and are always willing to help you), getting strangers to fund your campaign isn’t exactly a cakewalk. There’s a certain craft to the whole thing. Aside from pitching well, here are a few things you should do to make sure anyone who’s a potential funder, doesn’t hesitate even one bit to hand you their money.

Build your online presence

We’ve said it time and again, you’re not going anywhere without a strong online presence and an active community. Before you even start talking about crowdfunding campaign, you first need to identify your audience online, talk to them, forge and foster meaningful relationship. Why? For starters, it shows that you care about your own brand as well as those who stand to benefit from what you’re doing. This will help you establish credibility as well as encourage these people to fund you and spread the word about you.

Make something people can connect with

Doesn’t matter if it’s something ridiculous. Whatever your project is, it needs to make people stop and stare. You need to package your project such that it hooks people’s attention, makes them feel something. Find that one USP or hook that can lure people in (could be emotional, social or political) and just cast your net.

Target the right audience

Speaking of casting your net, whatever you do is only going to work and yield results if you’re talking to the right people. So, take some time out and psycho-analyze your audience. Find out where they hang out online, what kind of content they respond best to, what time they are online; which online communities are they most active in and so on. Once you have figured this out, run ads, spread the word about your campaign and engage with your audience accordingly.  

Make friends your advocates

The one key factor to make anything go viral online, is to get family, friends and personal networks to constantly spread the word about your campaign. This way, their networks will get to know about it too. And that’s how it spreads. Plus, since it also has your friends’ stamp of approval, it becomes easier for people who don’t know you to support you.

Get an influencer on board

Although this isn’t exactly a mandated practice, getting an opinion leader to endorse your project comes with its fair share of benefits. Advocacy from loved ones will help you tap into their personal networks, which might be limited. Compare that to a social media influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers, each of whom are paying attention to what this person says. It gives your project further credibility and the mass-level amplification it needs.

Go with a platform

A platform lets you collate everything about your project in one single place and helps streamline the entire process. Choosing a reputed crowdfunding platform adds that edge of professionalism to your campaign and gives you the guidance when you need it most. Having a platform not only simplifies everything but also does half your work for you (like following up with funders, helping you sort out your PR and marketing strategy, telling you how to set effective rewards and so on).

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