How Sofar Sounds is changing the way we do concerts

Posted on 18 April, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Founded in 2010, Sofar Sounds is one of music's most-popular secrets! The idea is to bring together musicians and listeners as part of an intimate gathering, where the most important element is the music itself! It is a gig series which happens in volunteered and personalized settings like living rooms and terraces — Sofar Sounds works towards making the concept of the ‘concert’ a more closed-door affair. Its USP lies in its exclusivity.

How it Works

As a Host

Anyone with a space big enough to hold about a 30-50 people is welcome to apply as a host. Sofar Sounds enlists a dedicated team that inspects the space in order to approve or reject the venue accordingly.

On approval, the venue is put on the wait-list of venues. When the time comes, Sofar Sounds gets in touch with the venue and suggests a date. There are a lot of benefits apart from holding an intimate gig at your house.

As an Artist

If you are an artist making original music, irrespective of your stature and fame, you can apply to Sofar Sounds. After a basic run-through of your material, they will get in touch with you whenever they have a date in your area.

You will then play an intimate gig to a small, but supremely attentive audience which is there only for the music. It is a great way to test new material, get that additional fanbase, and let go of any stage fear. The last point is crucial because once you have played to an audience with that keen ear, sitting at such close quarters, you are definitely going to find it easier to play the bigger stages.

As a Guest

The real beauty of Sofar Sounds lies in the fact that most gigs are secret. In the sense, the attendees get details like the address of the venue and the artist lineup only one day prior to the day of the concert. Before that, you only know the locality in which the concert is going to happen.

And the process is very easy. You sign up with Sofar Sounds and select your city. Sofar will then inform you if there is a concert happening in your city with only one detail — the locality. You then confirm your presence if interested, and bam, you get all the details you need for an incredible, intimate experience on a weekend; one day prior to the event!

Why Sofar Sounds is a game-changer

Sofar Sounds happens across the world in 333 (and counting) cities. The West has somewhat had a traditional house gigs’ scenario, especially from the Punk parties era.

In India, after the growing pub concert scenario and with big festivals rising in size and number, we needed to go back to that ‘close quarters’ experience of music. And Sofar Sounds has given us exactly that.

The big shows are great and make for a different kind of experience. But, hell, we all know sitting around with a limited audience, listening to a singer-songwriter or a three piece band play their best music is a different thing altogether. It is like getting into that private space of the musician and not only getting to know his/her music in a different light, but also getting to know those people better. And it becomes only better that all the people sharing that experience with you have come there for the same reason as you — music.

It is a stripped down version of a concert, where you remove the people who have come to eat, people who attend to show off more than enjoying the music. It is just music and an audience which cares about it more than anything else for those 2-3 hours. And that, is an experience rarely achieved in these crowded pubs in our country.

There have gone by generations who have rarely experienced anything like that. And Sofar Sounds has now given the present generation the platform to experience that in different roles — host, guest and performer.

All images used in the article have been sourced from Sofar Sounds.

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