How budding musicians can get their small fan base to fund their album!

Posted on 22 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC 12 First thing you should know as a budding musician or one with a small fan-base- if you are serious about your music career, you need to get on building a bigger and active fan-base RIGHT NOW. However, it may happen that you need to raise money to push out that epic music project that’ll get you the spotlight. You consider crowdfunding, but the fact that it’s so massively fan-enabled puts you off. Does that mean you can’t raise the money and put that dream project on hold? Not at all. It’s possible. Start with keeping your expectations extremely, brutally real and then do the following:

Set a small budget

When you’re setting a budget, stay as realistic as possible. Trim away all the frills and fancy costs. Set a very barebones budget- the money without which you can’t even start. Understand that even if you do get a few new fans overnight, they are not going to put their money on you immediately. Ask for the lower limit of how much you need, not how much you want and start from there.

Leverage personal networks fully

Since you don’t have a big fan following, understand that a major chunk of the money (about 90%) will have to come from people who know you personally. Go to your Facebook friends’ list, Twitter followers (if you have any) and email list. Segregate people on the basis of the relationships, into: family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, alumni. Once you’ve placed people in the right groups, start drafting emails and messages tailored specifically to each group- this is important because the way you communicate with loved ones is obviously not the same as that with alumni networks. Make sure every single person has put in their money.

Update people

Update funders regularly about what’s happening on your project. Send frequent emails, text messages, pictures and videos of the project’s progress. Keep them in the loop throughout the process. Another important thing, don’t forget to thank people- a lot, and often.

Get an influencer to talk about you

Focus on groups and clubs that are active, influential and dedicated to supporting the scene. Get key media mentions. Ask an influential personality from your genre to endorse your project or at least talk about it occasionally - one retweet from such a person is often enough. Write about your crowdfunding campaign and why you’re doing it every now and then, to remind people. Write a  guest feature for a popular music blog or website. This will improve your project’s reach as well as get newer potential fans interested.

Ask for money professionally

Whether it’s with setting up your crowdfunding campaign page or asking for contributions, make sure the whole process is extremely professional and efficient. Don’t simply ask for money on Facebook. Opt for a crowdfunding platform, that will help make your idea look interesting, as well as create a sense of urgency. To sum it all up, here are the key takeaways for you: Stay realistic Leverage your personal network fully Communicate- a lot Be professional Seek influencers Got questions? We’d love to help you! Good luck!

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