How do facebook and Twitter help to promote a crowdfunding campaign?

Posted on 27 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

How-To-Use-Facebook-and-twitter When you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, social media is where all the action’s at. Turning the entire buzz you create into actual backing is the real challenge, and to crack this you really need a kickass social media strategy. This means that you can’t just blindly promote the same content on Facebook as well as Twitter. The user behavior and audiences are different; therefore certain tweaks in communication style are required. Let’s take a look at how you should approach Facebook and Twitter for promoting your crowdfunding campaign.


Known for:
  • Ridiculously large audience base
  • No character limit on content
  • Easy to showcase different kinds of content- video, image, blogs, gifs etc.
  • User-friendly
What to do on Facebook?
  • Movement of content is relatively slow on Facebook, whereas attention spans are higher. Additionally, Facebook supports a better visual experience. Therefore, use Facebook to run a nice visual pre-launch and launch campaign. Put up teasers and countdowns to your crowdfunding campaign. Facebook is also a great place to share behind the scenes, bloopers, snippets and huge announcements.
  • Facebook is also known to promote native video content (i.e. video content directly uploaded to Facebook, and not via YouTube) better, letting it reach a wider audience organically. So you can easily put up a lot of short, fun and engaging videos here. 
You can also make mini-pitch videos- quick appeals that last 30 seconds, reminding people to back your project! Ramayan
  • Fortunately, communities/groups are still alive and kicking here. A quick Facebook search will not only help you find like-minded people engaging with each other in one place, but also reach out to the right lot at the same time.
  • Another excellent feature within Facebook is the events page. You can create a virtual or an offline launch event and connect it to your Facebook event page to create some much-needed pre-launch buzz. Leave it open to be shared by your friends and family members so that they can invite more people who might be interested in your project. Get creative with your pre-launch activity; it’s a great way to start engagements and keep it going till the duration of your campaign!
  • You can also host fun activities on Facebook to engage with your audience, which in turn will build awareness and anticipation about your crowdfunding campaign Albert Pinto


Known for:
  • Better engagements and conversations
  • News spreads faster
  • Communication is quicker
  What to do on Twitter?
  • Content on Twitter needs to be short, crisp and extremely relevant and interesting. This automatically means you’re forced to get creative in the way you broadcast.
  • Twitter is a great place to reach out to influencers to get the word out within the shortest span of time!
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to communicate with people you haven’t spoken to before, as long as you’re making sense! Plus, content is easily visible to a large audience. However, because everything on Twitter is moving at a really high speed you need to a. tweet at multiple times throughout the day, b. make sure you’re tweeting at the right time.
  • Another wonderful Twitter feature is this little thing called hashtag. List the ones that are relevant to your campaign and use them in your content accordingly. This will help people find your content easily. You can also use hashtags to find your audience and get a sense of what they are talking about at any given point in time.
  You should also create a hashtag that’s unique to your campaign, so it ties all your Twitter communication together and lets you track every user who’s talking about you.
  • You can also make lists or access other users’ lists (if they are visible) to put similar people under one category. This will make it easier for you to reach out to a specific group of people. If you put people in one list based on similar interests or profession, then you can even analyze what kind of content works for specific groups of people, without much struggle.
  • Twitter’s also a great place to hold activation and contests, since it’s so responsive and mobile-friendly! Don’t hesitate to innovate with Twitter activations like a virtual treasure hunt, a Twitter pop quiz and so on.
So what do you think? Got your own ideas? Tell us! Got questions on how to use Facebook or Twitter better for crowdfunding or building your community? Ask away!

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