How Did This Student Filmmaker Duo Raise Money For Their Indie Documentary

Posted on 23 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

1520641_848258728591597_8671602194781503767_n Midst the star studded glamour of the Bollywood industry are numerous struggling indie filmmakers. The Other Way is a documentary film about Indian indie filmmakers whose aim is to share a thought provoking story through the medium of cinema. After successfully crowdfunding in mid 2012 on Wishberry for their raising Rs. 80000, the team completed the film and released it on the 14th of August, 2015. We got in a conversation with Aniket, co-director of the film who updated us on everything that the team has achieved since the crowdfunding success.  

What have you been up to since the crowdfunding success?

After we crowdfunded, we embarked on a bigger and longer journey that had its own share of difficulties and rewards. Finding the right people to help with the film took us some time. The project had become something beyond what Swathy (co-director) and I had imagined.   Swathy and I did most of the stuff behind the scenes on this film, but it was possible because of the help we got from our friends and families and most importantly our crew. The film was completed in 2014 but we were stuck in distribution limbo for a while, until we decided to take matters into our own hands and release the film online. Since, we have completed our degree, we worked a couple of jobs and have started a media and video production house, called High Ninja Media out of Bangalore. Here we produce videos and other media content for our clients, along with creating our own media properties.  

What drove you to make a documentary on indie filmmakers?

The idea was a random one that germinated over a couple of drinks. Soon, we discovered a whole bunch of films and filmmakers who we thought more people should know about. We intended to do it as our college degree project, but that didn’t happen because of certain arbitrary rules that our college had. By then, we knew that this was a film we wanted to make as a recorded document. Irrespective of what happens to us or the films and filmmakers we spoke to, it is always going to be possible for people to watch the film and know that there were these people and there were these movies. 11879162_859704497447020_2722710802389672244_o  

What challenges did you face while working on this project?

Everything about the film was a challenge. And our biggest handicap was that we started while we were still in college. And we were trying to do things a way that existed elsewhere but not so much in our own country. Right from getting in touch with the filmmakers, to arranging the shoots, begging and borrowing the equipment, etc. finding the right people to help us on this, showing the film to people, trying to get a theatrical release, so on and so forth.  Every step was a challenge even trying to get the film online on a VOD platform was difficult. We had to literally wait for someone to make something for us to use it.  

You began working on this project when you were in college. Share a few words of advice for young filmmakers out there.

My advice would be; do whatever you think you should do and start doing it immediately. I know tons of people with great ideas, but I don’t know too many people who implement their ideas. Think of stuff, be it a film or any other project, learn how you can do it given your resources and just make it happen. You might end up with a crappy result but you will at the same time learn a lot and will never regret it. 11895120_865518910198912_6985862979716571816_o

Also, you recently digitally released the film. How has the response for the documentary been? 

To be honest, it’s more than what we expected. Strangely enough, the response has been better from non film related people, as this introduced them to a world they knew very little about. Someone even called me up and told me how this should be on TV, and I had to explain to him the complexities that dictate what goes up in theatres and television.  A digital release was always my aim, films and the way we think of watching films is pretty archaic. Vines, snapchats, etc. - the way we communicate and express is changing every day. With the technology now, we have the power and choice to work on our dreams.   

What has been the highlight of the documenting experience?

We learnt a lot! Way more than what our college taught us. And the feeling of having created something that many would watch and learn is very satisfying. 11888599_858621684221968_7336342674777606298_o

What do you plan on doing next?

Swathy and I love the visual medium, I think that’s half the reason we work together. So right now we have our company with which we want to create properties for ourselves and clients. We are already in the pre-production process of a fiction web series and a few film ideas that we want to work on. But as I said- it’s all about implementing ideas. So only time will tell where we’ll get.  Watch the film on Fliqvine: HERE!

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