How Crowdfunding Helps You Improve Your Craft As A Comic Creator

Posted on 7 August, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Creating a comic is a difficult task, and yet deeply satisfying. But if it can get better, who would say no?

Enter crowdfunding. Not only does crowdfunding get you the funds, it helps you market your comic, gets you a bigger community of readers and helps improve your skill as a comic creator as well.

Wondering what we are talking about, read on:

Backer feedback

Unless you’re a narcissist, it is crucial that you keep on improving yourself by taking up well researched feedback from your fans. It not only helps you grow into a better artiste, but helps you understand what your fans expect from you. Of course you shouldn’t listen to anyone and everyone with everything they have to say, but generally creators do tend to receive great insight from random people. Some of the best feedback comes from your backers.

Do note that these people have taken the time and effort to fund you - What better an audience to trust with opinions, right? This is your market, right in front of you. Talk to them, gauge their behavior and incorporate it in your work.

You learn to communicate your idea better

Day-by-day our attention span is decreasing, which literally gives you a maximum of 2-5 mins to communicate the details of your comic. You cannot afford to take a long time explaining your idea or even write them down in boring status updates. While running a crowdfunding campaign, you train your mind to sum up your comic book concept in a max of 5 sentences, or 140 characters per se. Take this as an opportunity to improve your communication. The more you talk about your campaign, the more you learn the art of selling it better.

People take you more seriously

Going out there and raising funds takes a lot of courage. Crowdfunding is not a simple task, and not everyone can go about it. In an ideal world, we expect everyone to do what they do best and be paid for it. But when one breaks the societal barriers and does all they can to fulfil their dreams, people respect you more and take you seriously.

Crowdfunding leads to collaborations

Every artist has a community to fall back on when they need support. But, in order to be a part of that community one needs to show that they’re a serious artist. Crowdfunding does that and gets you noticed. It works as an enabler for a start of something new.

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