How Comic Creators Can Build Their Community Before Going For Crowdfunding

Posted on 13 September, 2016 by Team Wishberry

You’d have already found out how important it is to have a strong community, especially when you’re taking the road less travelled. For an independent comic creator building an active community isn’t a task that’s impossible to attain, thanks to social media. But, in order to do so effectively, you need to have the following things in place first.

Have all your work in one place

Why confuse people who like your work by not letting them find you? People at large anyway have a short attention span, don’t let them scramble all over the place looking for information about your comics. It’s best to maintain a blog, landing page or a website – basically anything that serves as a one-stop showcase for your work.

Collecting all your fans mail ID’s

Once you have all your work at one place, you begin expanding your reach. How? Start by collecting email ID’s. Ask all your existing fans to subscribe to your email newsletter so they get a notification when a new comic strip is out.

If you’re at a stage where you have no fans except a few friends and family, gathering email contacts could get tricky. You’ll need to engage with everyone who lands on your page, befriend them and convince them to join your mailing list. One way to go about it is constantly updating your work. While you could run targeted ads on Facebook, it won’t work unless you already have a following for a few hundreds.

Put together a social media plan

When it comes to community building many artists miss the point, some have a robotic approach with a calendar full of updates, others simply share their comic with hardly any thought put to it.

It is crucial that you understand it is your personality that converts people into fans. You quirky fun side needs to be noticed through your communication on social media. However, you’ve got to have a basic social media plan mapped out, it doesn’t have to be anything specific or set in stone. But you should have a clear idea on what kind of content you will share and when. Not only is this efficient, but also much more time-sensible.


Building an army of fans won’t happen if you don’t invite them to be a part of your creative journey. You’ve got to collaborate with your fans. Period. Ask for a theme, a situation, an idea or suggestions, and create a comic strip around it. This is how you’ll win the hearts of your followers.

Give them a chance to come up with a character of their own. This in turn will also indirectly have your fans friends and family notified about your work.

This sure is plenty of work. But, it will give you a shot at creating your own cult following!

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