A List of 20 Fan Engagement Activities Indie Musicians Can Do On Their Social Media Pages

Posted on 1 June, 2016 by Team Wishberry

A-list-of-20-fan-engagement-activities-indie-musicians You’ve set up your Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram account and any other social media platform that may make sense to you. You’ve gotten a decent chunk of followers too. Now what? Well, now it’s time to engage with your fans and followers; not just by talking or sharing your music, but by doing some crazy things that’ll keep them coming back for more! We’ve rounded up a list of 20 ridiculously easy yet absolutely fun things you can do.
  1. Ask questions. Random questions - what plans for the weekend, when was the last time they took a vacation, fill in the blanks.
  2. Answer questions. Get on Quora and share your knowledge about music.
  3. Get on Reddit and do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with fans.
  4. Make personalized interactions, especially on your fans’ special occasions. Once a week, ask for all your fans who are celebrating their birthdays during the week. Shoot a quick and short video to wish them!
  5. Tell stories. Talk about your music tours, jam sessions or even a day in your musical life. IndianOcean - 20 Thing Musician Can Do For Fan Engagement
  6. Have a photo caption contest. Share an interesting or funny picture of yourself and test the creative side of your fans. VasudaSharma - 20 Thing Musician Can Do For Fan Engagement
  7. Have an album art/poster contest.
  8. Do a fun activity or a have a crazy conversation with a fellow artist. Fans love seeing artists bond with each other online!
  9. Host an offline event- a secret gig for the first 50 people to give you their email ids (maintain this database)! Nucleya - 20 Thing Musician Can Do For Fan Engagement
  10. Every now and then, give your most ardent and loyal fans exclusive gifts like free demos or a dedication.
  11. Use apps like Meerkat and Periscope to create engaging real time videos. Make the most of this during sound checks, practice sessions and behind the scenes madness.
  12. Lip sync popular songs on your dubsmash app and share the videos with fans.

    Linkin Park live @Nana Nani Park :D #backtocollege #collegefriends @kanishk.varma @siddhant Behl

    A video posted by Vasuda (@vasudasharma) on

  13. Crowdsource lyrics for your new tune.
  14. On that note, crowdsource a whole harmony. Hum or play a tune and post it online. Then ask your fans to take it forward by adding their own melody to it- it could be anything, them humming or beatboxing! Then compile this whole thing together and share it- it’s an amazing way to mobilize your fans and keep more and more people coming to your page. Here’s how Joseph Gordon Lewitt did it with Hitrecord.
  15. Post gifs or Flipagram videos of your day- whether you’re on downtime, vacation or on tour. Ask your fans to share snippets of what they’re doing.
  16. Collaborate!
  17. Have feedback sessions- ask fans what they want you to work on next. Then get on it and share it with them.
  18. Post a cover of your favourite track. Or better yet, ask your fans for suggestions on whose music they want you to cover!
  19. Plan a Snapchat gig hunt, share clues with your fans as to where you are heading in the form of snaps, and plan a surprise for the fans that show up.
  20. Have impromptu weekend jam sessions with fans. Post on Facebook saying that you’ll be at this café at this time, the first 5 people to respond get to jam with you.
Got any other great ideas to liven up your social media pages? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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