How Studios Sound Garage is Providing Musicians with a Platform to Showcase Their Talent

Posted on 9 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Studios Sound Garage Main Image Studios Sound Garage is a YouTube web series that aims to give fresh and independent musical talent a platform to be seen and heard. After a successful first season, founder Sanjay Pathak decided to make the second season with 11 episodes featuring 16 talented artists. He sought backing from the community, for the same in April 2015. We catch a break with him to learn about his journey ever since. View their campaign page HERE!  

What all have you done since the crowdfunding campaign?

Sanjay: We’ve been busy getting all the episodes out! Ever since the crowdfunding campaign started, we’ve been coming across new people who have shown immense belief in this initiative and supported us. After the completion of the campaign, we got in touch with our backers to feature them in our web episodes, as a part of the rewards we promised! It has been extremely rewarding and satisfying to have our backers participate in the project as artists.  

What inspired you to start and continue doing a project like Studios Sound Garage?

Sanjay: Studios Sound Garage is something very close to my heart where I, now along with my dedicated team, wish to showcase new faces with their talent of singing, playing instruments and even story telling. We want Studios Sound Garage to become a platform where everyone is invited to express themselves through music. Expressing myself through music is the only thing I consider myself good at. I want others like myself to have someplace where they can tell their stories. And that has been my greatest inspiration behind Studios Sound Garage. Studios Sound Garage- Behind The Scenes

What challenges did you face while making Season 2? How did you solve them?

Sanjay: As with most great things, challenges have always been there, but we were firmly determined to continue the journey. And of course Wishberry has played a very important role in making this happen! The biggest challenge was the money as audio production, video, post production and a dedicated team doesn’t come cheap. And one can’t really do justice to a project without these things. Crowdfunding helped us find not only the funders but also new artists and a whole new audience.  

Tell us some of the highlights or most notable moments during this journey!

Sanjay: Studios Sound Garage Season1 won the Best Album Award (jury voting) in Artist Aloud Music Awards (AAMA) 2014, powered by Hungama. It is India's Only Digital Music Award. We got two nominations- Best Song and Best Female Singer (public Voting). Renowned music columnist and AAMA 2014 jury panelist Parag Kamani also gave good reviews on one of our songs Mati Kahe from Season 1. It gives great pleasure and strength to see your hard work on different well known platforms like iTunes. I started this alone, but today I feel privileged to be associated with great platforms like Hungama, Artist Aloud and Wishberry, and such fresh and memorable talent. Studios Sound GARAGE BTS 2

What is it that motivates you to keep doing what you do?

Sanjay: Music gives me contentment and it is my passion. Nothing else is as good for me. The belief of my team, artists and every new person I come across motivates me to do what I do. Now, I feel that it’s my responsibility to continue taking what I started to newer levels.  

Give us an update on the progress that Studios Sound Garage Season 2 has made.

Sanjay: We are ready with 10 episodes to be launched. We are in the last stage of meetings with different mediums (Radio and TV) to amplify its reach. We’ll be releasing the season very soon, hopefully by the last week of August!  

What's next for you and for SSG?

Sanjay: Season 3 is definitely there on the cards. I’m also working on an idea along the lines of Studios Sound. Garage on wheels, where my team will explore talents and give them a proper platform and recognition. We are trying to figure it all out and make sure that the artist gets worthy returns for his/her efforts. The first track of Studios Sound Garage Season 2 is out! Check it out! Curious to know how you can raise funds for your musical aspirations like how Studio Sounds Garage did? Just submit your details below and we will teach you how you can crowdfund successfully! [gravityform id="13" title="false" description="false"]

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