7 Surefire Tips For Getting The PR for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on 28 September, 2016 by Team Wishberry

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Consider this: Crowdfunding fosters community feeling, community feeling is fostered by communication. Sounds too twisted? Let’s break it down. Consider the three key elements of the above statement: Crowdfunding. Community. Communication. The way crowdfunding fosters the feeling of community is that it brings people who genuinely care about your project (also target audience and early adopters) right to you to build a relationship that goes way beyond a simple transaction. How do you reach these people who you don’t even know of yet? Communication. Effective communication. Effective PR communication, to be specific.

It is absolutely crucial that the right blogs, news sites and content portals are talking about your project.

Because that’s how you are going to reach the audience that may be interested in your project. This brings us to the biggest question. How exactly does one get the right kind of media attention? Let’s take a look at the following ways.

Set the stage for your idea

Let your idea take precedence and be the selling point. If there’s one thing that’s most likely a media house’s attention, it’s a really cool idea and the story behind it. So make sure that your project is packaged well. Highlight the USPs, the problems it solves and the challenges you are facing. If you have a good idea and you can put it across the table clearly, the rest becomes very easy!

Create great content

Great idea when supported by great content can work wonders! Right from your pitch video and rewards to your Facebook, Twitter, blog/website and personal branding- make sure everything is neat, engaging and relevant. It makes your project look appealing and helps establish good brand recall among users as well as gives journalists something to show and talk about. Plus, it also makes you look like a person who is serious and dedicated towards marketing your work.

Identify relevant niches

Take some time with this, and figure out the various niches and beats where your project would fit in.

There’s always a possibility of two niches crossing over.

For instance, a gaming app could easily fit into the creativity space as well as technology as well as gaming. This multi-pronged approach helps you increase visibility, thereby reaching a greater number of audiences.

Prepare a list

Now that you have your niches identified, it’s time to do a quick Google search on top blogs, media sites and offline news vehicles that will carry your story. You need to consider a few key things while short-listing- the kind of content they carry, the amount and quality of readership they have (if it matches the kind of people you are trying to target) and of course, daily traffic and engagement!

Reach out and follow up

Check for a “Submit Your Story” button or a “Write to Us” option. You can also drop a Facebook message to the news portals of your choice about carrying your story. Another way to approach this would be to search for individual journalists working for specific media houses and reach out to them. However, don’t just email and forget about it. If you don’t hear a response, don’t hesitate to follow up a couple of times (be sure not to spam though!) Worried about not having any leads to start with in the first place? You can always just put out a tweet or Facebook status, and someone in your network is sure to help you get in touch with a journalist.

Make it simple

Journalists are often busy, or at least they are too busy to have lengthy conversations with you anyway. You’re not very free either. So, it always helps to be extremely clear and efficient when sending stuff out to be published.

Be very clear about the angle you want portrayed in a press release.

The message you want to send out. In fact, write your own press release and hand it to them! Also, send the best high resolution photos you want published and the key points you want the article to focus on.

Personalize the communication

Never ever blindly copy-paste the same mail to each and every journalist on your list! Do your research about each media house on your list. Check the content they post, find an angle that you can use to leverage your story and frame your communication to the recipient accordingly. This will not only save time on deciding whether your story is relevant enough or not but also earn you some brownie points for doing your research well.

Partner up!

Sometimes it may not be possible to have a press release or a feature published. When this happens, it’s time to get innovative! This is useful especially when you’re targeting influential blogs. See if you can do a guest post on a blog, offering your expertise in the field of your interest and quietly sneak in your crowdfunding campaign at the end. It’s also a savvy way to establish the fact that you quite the expert in what you do and not just some random amateur. 

Gaining the right PR for your crowdfunding campaign can be slightly tricky and very daunting at the outset. However, with the right targeting and smart communication, we’re pretty sure you can crack this well!

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