Flashback: The Best Music Videos from the Indiepop era

Posted on 3 August, 2016 by Team Wishberry


The indiepop era of the late 1990s and early 2000s gave us a lot of artists whom we love even today. It has almost been two decades since then, but the music videos, especially, of that time still mesmerise us, making us crave for more of such visual delight.  

We have a deluge of independent artists today who are creating awesome music and good videos. For some, who haven’t explored the video bit yet, here are some videos from the 90s to inspire you to make your own memorable videos.


Made in India - Alisha Chinai

Alisha Chinai, the original baby doll, broke on to the scene with Made in India. The royal setting of the video wherein Alisha Chinai is a princess looking for a suitable groom is marvellous. As she keeps looking, she sings about why she wants a guy ‘Made in India’. Well, what happens in the video is basically a live version of Tinder wherein she just looks away when she doesn’t like the presented guy, just like a left swipe. Poor foreigners.

But then walks in the man who still remains a heartthrob of women across India, and probably, the fittest 50 year old in the country – Milind Soman. Alisha Chinai not only gave us a song to hum for decades, but she also gave us a man to look up to (for men) and to be drooled upon by women.


Gully – Euphoria

Euphoria gave us mini short films in the form of music videos. Apart from giving us a song to use every Mother’s Day – Maaeri - they also gave us some of the best music videos from that time. Maaeri, Gully, Dhoom Pichuck Dhoom, etc. were all kickass music videos – they were huge, well presented, beautifully shot, and very well performed.

But, what stands out is the music video for Gully. A young Vidya Balan is about to get married, though Palash has a crush on her. Right at the wedding, the rishta is broken because of dowry, and that’s when like a good Indian boy, Palash steps up and offers to get married. And well, they do get married. The video is superbly done. It also sheds light, in a miniscule way, on the dowry problem much more prominent in the late 90s and early 2000s.



Lift Karadey – Adnan Sami

Oh, boy, when you watch this video now, it does not seem like Adnan Sami at all. This Pakistani piano maestro has lost unbelievable amounts of weight in the past 15 years and we are not complaining.

Lift Karadey was Adnan Sami’s first claim to fame. The video has a signature step for the chorus ‘Lift Karadey’ and that became a rage at the time. In the video, he roams around on the streets of Mumbai observing the richness around and meets other people like him who wish to be economically ‘lifted’, just like the economically gifted. In the end, there is a short appearance by Govinda, who was a star at the time.



O Sanam – Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali is a gift to Indian music. His tunes are immortal and his voice hauntingly beautiful. His videos match up to what the audio delivers.

The video for O Sanam was shot in Egypt where Lucky Ali is travelling and has worked there before as an archaeologist. He is looking to find the lock to a key which he possesses, and also the woman he had met that time. The video begins and ends with a hukka pot boiling and a game of some kind being played between Ali and an old man. The bland brown of the deserts is beautifully shot using the colours of the blue sky and the colourful costumes.




Tanha Dil - Shaan

Tanha Dil truly marked the arrival of Shaan and established him as a serious artist in the scene at the time. The video shows Shaan walking along a road he used to frequent in his boyhood days, and as he walks, all the memories come alive. He seeks those moments again as he misses them, just like all of us. The video is lovingly done, and probably what was pretty new at the time was reverse motion – the characters in frame moving in a reverse fashion.



Dooba Dooba – Silk Route

Silk Route is fondly remembered even today because the song has not left our minds. Another reason being Mohit Chauhan’s recent foray into Bollywood brought the song back from its way to the grave.

The incredible song is accompanied with an incredible video. The band sings atop a car almost submerged in water, and then there are some lovely blue, underwater sequences. The song won hearts instantly on the radio back then, and the video only made it better when it came on TV.


These are our picks for the best videos from the 1990s indiepop era. Tell us which ones you like!

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