Find Out How Nucleya Used Mumbai's Ganpati Visarjan Madness To Launch his Latest Album

Posted on 6 November, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Nucleya8The crazier you are online, the higher your chances of staying in the spotlight, and for a good reason too! This idea was reinforced to us even more when one independent artist along with his manager recently did something that sounded insane at first but was borderline genius actually. If you’ve hung out Facebook enough during the last month, you might’ve caught notice of Nucleya and his album Bass Rani.

Why has everyone been talking about him?

Well, he decided to release his new album Bass Rani right during Mumbai’s most iconic festival - Ganeshotsav. How? An album launch off a truck bang in the middle of visarjan madness seemed like a perfect idea for Nucleya’s bass-pumped music that’s known for its trademark desi flavour. We’ve simply put all that sauce together so you could get inspired and plan an even more epic launch for your album.

Pre-launch action:

Promotions and teasers for the album started as early as July. Nucleya kept his fans posted about his upcoming album, way before the plan to rave on the streets was on. Even if it's a simple picture, one can never go wrong with teasing fans and heightening anticipation about an upcoming project. Nucleya- Promotion of Bassrani From sharing peeks of his album cover artwork to shots of him mixing, he made sure that he kept in touch with fans even during his busiest phase. Nucleya2- Promotion of Bassrani However, sneak-peeks were not all that he shared! He gave fans a taste of the craziness they can expect in the album through video teasers, with a little help from his friends. Here’s how. Nucleya3- Promotion of Bassrani Nucleya called upon the forces of his friends and very successful independent artists themselves: Ankur & The Ghalat Family, Anish Sood and Dualist Inquiry, which in turn, not only created a buzz amongst his fans but developed curiosity amongst those of his friends as well. Note: Collaborations never fail. If that wasn't enough, he took the insanity a notch higher by releasing another trailer, dressed as a woman and cooking up some bass in the kitchen! Nucleya4- Promotion of Bassrani

Finally, the grand launch

To make the first-of-its-kind album launch even grander, the whereabouts of the band's launch procession was marked out on Google maps, inviting everyone who saw the post. Also, to keep up up with the younger generation and catch them where they hang out most, the artist also got onto Snapchat. Without letting the buzz die out, shortly after the event, Nucleya launched the album to download for free. This not only helped him spread his beat, but also gather a huge database for his mailing list. Note: Engagement activities are most useful when they translate into a final action, meaning, when you have a huge list of fans email ids. Then you can connect them for life! Nucleya7- Promotion of Bassrani

Results – 40,000 hits in just one day!

Bass Rani - the album got about forty thousand hits in just a day. This crazy stunt helped him reach out to people who might have never even heard of him. Awareness of Nucleya as an independent musician immediately spread like wildfire all over Mumbai and other major cities. Nucleya8- Promotion of Bassrani


  1. Don’t hesitate to go crazy online
  2. Get fellow artists and friends on board
  3. Invite your fans to be a part of all the madness
  4. Innovate! Stop dreaming of a stadium launch, a truck with huge speakers works just fine

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