How To Get Your Fans To Support You With Money?

Posted on 3 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC9 We’ve harped endlessly enough about the importance of social media promotion and marketing for your crowdfunding campaign. And of course, you do everything you can to put your project out there- you make an editorial calendar, drool-inducing graphics, memorable content and the like. Maybe you get some attention too. But, that’s just one half of the story. Virtual traction proves its real value when you can actually get what you need from it i.e. the money. Soon, you’ll realize that merely bombarding Facebook and Twitter with content isn’t going to cut it. You need something more. Let’s figure this out, shall we?

First, establish legitimacy

Would you ever buy something from a website you have never heard of, can’t see any following and reviews on, hasn’t established it as trustworthy enough? No, right? The same goes for your online audience. Before you ask people for their money, make sure you come across as a person who can be trusted. There are simple ways of achieving this. Start with showing your credentials and previous work. Express your opinions. Build a follower base. Post good and sensible content relevant to your genre regularly.
Basically, do anything that doesn’t make you look like some shady dude.

Second, identify a need and fulfill it

Listen, don’t broadcast. So many campaigners make the mistake of simply posting generic posts about their project instead of tailoring it to suit their audience’s interest. Before you chart out a social media strategy, take some time out to gauge your online audience’s sentiment. What is the one thing that’s missing in your niche? How is your audience feeling and talking about it? Ask yourself these questions and figure out how you can make your fill this need? Tailor your entire communication around this.

Third, make your friends your advocates!

Our friends are our best ambassadors. Get them to not just say generic stuff like, “great initiative, check it out, folks!” but make it personal. When your friends are talking about you, make sure they are actually rallying behind your project; as if it’s a project that belongs to not only you, but also them and their friends!

Fourth, target well

The digital space, as we all have experienced first hand, is cluttered to another level. What with everyone and their dog hanging out here. Your message won’t last out there for longer than it took you to get to the end of this sentence. Unless, you cut through this madness like a hot knife through butter. How? By making sure your content is reaching its target. You’re not using digital tools and platforms well enough if you’re not targeting the right kind of audience. This really brings all your previous efforts together. Don’t just talk, talk, talk. Target and then talk.

Fifth, simplify the process

You’ve managed to reach out to the right people, got them on board and have received their pledges for funding your project. But no money is actually coming in! Why? Because they got lost somewhere between discovering your project and paying for it. Therefore, it’s imperative that this process is as simple as possible. Don’t make them go to multiple places, don’t make them search for where to pay either. Always mention your campaign link- it’s where all the information about your project as well as the payment option is there. Clarify beforehand of any extra steps or efforts they may have to take. If you have to hand-hold them through this all, do it.

Sixth, get at least one strong influencer to vouch for you

We’ve spoken about the importance and effectiveness of influencer marketing. The good influencer has both- an organic reach that’s much greater than yours and the right kind of influence over his/her followers. Like with friends advocating your brand strongly, make sure you get at least one social media celebrity to strongly vouch for your project. Trust us, it works wonders. Always remember: do not merely bombard content. Keep it as genuine and well-tailored as possible!

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