4 Simple Factors That Ensure Crowdfunding Success

Posted on 14 June, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Crowdfunding Campaign
Sure, crowdfunding is easy. Crawl out of the woodwork, post your campaign on the website, resort to automated tweets, and BOOM. FUNDED! Right? WRONG. Campaigners are notorious for living under the assumption that just putting their campaign on a crowdfunding platform is enough to get it the attention it needs. It’s only when you’re faced with the deafening silence of lack of funds, you know this is serious business. Fortunately, is not the end of your ideas and dreams just yet. We’ve got your back. Certain crucial factors go into making magic happen for a campaign. Here are four of them.

The team

Oh, nothing feels nobler than carrying the weight of the world, your dreams and aspirations on your little shoulders. In fiction. In truth, especially when crowdfunding, you need your A-Team in place. And by team, we don’t mean, hiring professional hotshots for each aspect (you might have to launch another crowdfunding campaign to pay them then). Get your friends, relatives, interns- anyone from your pool of well-wishers with good measure of talent. You will need someone to handle each of these aspects: - Social Media & PR ninjas - Editor (image and video) - Tech This way you’re not half-assing your campaign, nor are you scrambling all over trying to do too many things at once. Plus, you’re going to need the support more than you know.

Awareness of the challenges you’ll face

While diligent planning and strategising will ensure a smooth campaign, because so much of the process is tech based, you never really know what can go wrong when. In addition, not everything will go word to word as you’ve planned, no matter how much foresight you’ve applied. When you decide to launch your crowdfunding project, you have to go in fully aware that it may or may not be a smooth ride, and that at multiple points across the campaign you may actually end up questioning the very purpose of your existence among other things.

Ability to adapt quickly

When challenges arise, the only thing that’ll get you out and away from a sticky soup is your ability to adapt. It may happen that your “loyal Facebook friends” are not so generous after all. Halfway through, you’ll realize your social media promotions are getting the traction required. Or, suddenly you have no better clarity on your own goals than your pet dog does. In moments like these, you need to have the patience and courage to stop, regroup and do the necessary tweaking instead of losing whatever little sanity you have left.

Acknowledging the harsh truth

The crowd isn’t looking for you. Scandalous, no? How dare they go on with their drab lives, without even sparing a second glance to the gems of genius you have in store for them, right? WRONG. The crowd is not going to spare one extra second to go find your project, let alone fund it. You have to make them. Also, there’s a high chance there won’t be an outpour of funders the very second your project goes live. Embrace the skills of strategic positioning, regular audience engagement and smart content marketing to get the audience to sit up and take notice. Get ready to put thyself and thy work out there. Good news: 3 out of these 4 things are in your own head (we’re hoping it’s good news). Get working on these, and you’ll be surprised at just how rewarding (more than just monetarily) crowdfunding can be for you!

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