Facebook Ads for Filmmakers – Part 5 – Monitoring Your Facebook Ad Performance

Posted on 20 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

blog_7 This article is the final part of our “Facebook Ads for Filmmakers” series wherein we will teach you how you can use Facebook ads for yourself and your film’s branding and marketing. You can catch up on the previous four parts at: Decoding Facebook Ads for Filmmakers – Understanding the Structure of Facebook Ad Campaigns

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In this part, we will look at how you can actively monitor the performance of your Facebook ad campaign once it goes live. Once your ad campaign is live, Facebook’s Ads Manager dashboard shares the performance numbers (and graphs) of your ad campaign’s performance. This helps you keep track of your spends, as well as how many clicks/engagements your ad has received. 

Before we begin, let us explain two key terms in the ads manager: 
Reach: Any person who sees your ad is a “reach” for your ad. 
Impression: Whenever a person who sees your ad, it is counted as an impression. So, if your ad is seen by a person twice, the “reach” becomes 1 and the “impression” count is 2. 

Click HERE to visit your ads manager. Once you visit your ads manager, the dashboard shows a snapshot of your ad campaigns. You can see a bird’s eye view of the clicks, reach, cost, spends etc. This tells you, broadly, how your ad is doing right now. At the top, Facebook also shows you a graph of your daily spends. If you want to check the ad performance for a specific set of dates, you can edit the date range on the top right corner of your ads manager. Once you click on the campaign name, you will be taken to the ad set performance page where you will see all your ad-sets under that campaign and see how they are performing. Here, you can change the budget of your ad spends as well as the ad schedule. You can also change your targeting options. Clicking on a specific ad set takes you to the individual ads within the set. Here, you will be able to see the ad copy & creative and edit them. In case you want to change the link, you can do it here. The page also lets you change your bid amount for every action performed on your ad. In all these dashboards, Facebook lets you export your data in an excel file too. The following video by YouTube will act as a healthy guideline for you on how you can use the ads manager.
We suggest you check your ad performance almost every day. This way you’re on top of how your ads are performing and you can take timely decisions that will help your ad campaign. If you think you are not getting enough clicks on a certain ad set, you can pause it immediately and increase the budget for the one which is actually performing well. You can do the same for individual ads too. This way, you will be extracting the maximum bang for your buck. This brings us to the conclusion of our “Facebook Ads for Filmmakers” series. Hope you have found all the articles helpful. In case you have any questions, please share them in the comments below.

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