Exciting Crowdfunding Rewards Comic Creators Can Give Their Backers

Posted on 8 June, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Every single one of us is crazy about cool freebies. Offering amazing rewards goes a long way in encouraging support for your crowdfunding campaign. It is best that you personalise your giveaways, for example, offer copies of your comic, invites to the launch of the book, and things like T-shirts or badges.

The list can go on and on, the only thing that you need to keep in mind would be to PERSONALISE all your rewards! Taking time out of your busy schedule to send a fan some heartfelt gratitude is the most thoughtful thing to do. You’ll be surprised at how much of a positive effect something as simple as a handwritten note directly addressed to a funder has on the recipient. And it’s easy on the pocket too. It helps cement loyalty as well as turn existing funders into unofficial promoters of your campaign.


Instead of just sending out a tweet or a Facebook update, you could actually make a funny/interesting video dedicated specially for a specific funder. Whether you’re juggling knives or composing a new song in 30 seconds for them, when it’s unique and out there for all to see, it will drive the funder crazy with happiness!

You could also let them in on your life so that they can get a peek into your world. For instance, collaborate over a cool short story together and scribble the characters together.


Rewards are an amazing way to show funders that you’re much more than a broke artist trying to get his/her ideas see the light of the day.


Here are a few reward ideas that you could get inspired from:


1. Give your backers a tour of your favourite creativity-inspiring spots in the city (preferably a bicycle ride early in the morning or your favourite coffee shops)


2. A customised comic strip framed and signed


3. A cartoon character named after the backer


4. Handwritten notes or doodled postcards showing your love


5. Custom merch like phone cover cases, cushions, laptop sleeves, socks, etc.


6. Share your list of favourite writers/comic artists with your backer and provide them with a

reading list of books one must read before they die


7. Let them have access to exclusive content like alternative endings, scraped out characters, considered plot twists


8. Collaborate with funders on drafting one strip or one chapter of the book


Thought of any cool reward ideas for your crowdfunding campaign? If the answer is yes, head to Wishberry and submit your idea!


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