Everything artists and filmmakers need to know about using trending hashtags

Posted on 19 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Leveraging-trending-topics If you’ve hung out on Facebook or Twitter for long enough, you may have heard terms like “trending topic”, “this is now trending” or “let’s make this trend on Twitter” pass around regularly. But, what does this exactly mean? To put it simply, a trending topic is what people in a particular city or country or worldwide are talking about the most at a given point or day. And it could be anything –the current breaking news or a festival (for e.g. on Christmas, you’re most likely to find #MerryChristmas as the top trend on Twitter) or a special events (like #SuperBowl50 or #Grammys2016).

So, what’s the big deal about these trending topics?

Here’s the thing: for a topic to trend on Twitter, A LOT of people should be talking about it in a short period of time. The larger the number of people talking about a particular topic within a short span of time, the higher the chances of it trending.

Got it. But, why should I, as an artist or a filmmaker, be interested?

Remember the one key point about what we just discussed above: A LOT of people will be talking about one thing at any given point. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that, a trending topic brings people of similar interest on a subject (whether it’s for or against) at one place. All you need to do is click on a trend or hashtag, and you’ll see what everyone’s talking about in real time. This is your shot at not only finding likeminded people but also being discovered by these guys.

So, how does that help me?

Well, let’s say you’re a filmmaker who’s tweeting about a film related trending topic, for example, #Oscars2016. You’re tweet will be seen by any and everyone who’s watching this hashtag. If they find your tweet funny/interesting they’re most likely to a. retweet what you said, thereby spreading the word to more people, b. stalk you in more detail, actually like what you have to say and become a follower (and eventually your fan). Trending topic 1 Trending topic 2 But, wait! There’s a certain craft to leveraging trending hashtags to their maximum potential. Read on, and we’ll explain the things you need to do before you start using a popular hashtag to promote your own work.

Step 1: Understand why something is trending

You don’t want to be caught in an faux pas that’ll cost you whatever followers you’ve gained or worse, be etched in cyberspace memory forever as a meme. Check what exactly the source of the hashtag or trend is. Is it relevant to you? Is it a very sensitive topic? Best stay away if you don’t know much about the topic.

Step 2: Make your account accessible

Make your account/page that you want to promote open and easy to access. No point leveraging a hashtag if users land on your account to find it locked or protected. Also, use the name of the movie you’re currently working on, include a link to your official website in your Twitter bio, and keep your handle updated with the latest about your project as well as some interesting content. Moreover, Twitter’s algorithm won’t show your tweet if your page doesn’t have a name, picture and a bio, if you have almost never tweeted before, and have never participated in a conversation on Twitter with anyone.

Step 3: Be creative!

Now is the time to let your creative juices flow, put on that eccentric thinking cap on and let your wittiness show. Why? When everything is so fast, you’ve got to incorporate different ways to grab people’s attention. And trust us it is worth the time and energy. Instead of blatant (boring) promotion of your film, sneakily tie the hashtag and your film together. It’s sure to make people click. When Srinivas Sunderrajan used the porn ban to promote his films…

Step 4: Be on time

If something has been trending since like, yesterday, there’s a chance the conversation on that thread has already died out. If you use it too late, there’s a high chance no one’s going to notice you, since your tweet will be buried under those of thousands of other users. 

In conclusion, it’s helpful to remember:

  • Twitter is not a platform where you can hard sell, so use it solely to charm your audience. Be witty, funny and ooze confidence. But, be consistent, as this will go a long way in helping build your online presence and personality.
  • Also, you can post more than on a particular hashtag for as long as it’s trending. It will help you gain more visibility throughout different hours of the day. But, be careful not to go overboard and get spammy!
  • Some topics trend for a very short time – as short as an hour! So be a quick thinker!
Good luck and happy tweeting!

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