5 Ways In Which Crowdfunding Changes Your Life

Posted on 3 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC17 Some call it a crash course through business school; some call it a crash course to life among other things. Whatever you want to call it, you cannot go through crowdfunding without finding that some pretty intrinsic changes have been made in your life. And even though you may have very mixed emotions once you’ve made it to the other side of crowdfunding, you’ll realize that you’re not the same person anymore (for better, of course). Here’s how running a crowdfunding campaign changes you forever.

It makes you an organized person

Honestly, there’s no way you can get away with crowdfunding without being absolutely organized, meticulous, strategic and proactive about things. This means, if you’re a usually laidback person who doesn’t work until it’s the eleventh hour and you have a mountain of work to finish, your life is about to change. You need to make sure your crowdfunding campaign, social media promotion, networking with potential backers, PR and media mentions and actual work on the project are all happening as per the plan. This is going to require some serious organizational skills. Keep at it for two months, by the end of it you won’t last one day without a proper checklist.

And shameless

The need to get the backing and spotlight for your project from every corner and crevice possible will force you to shed your inhibition, catapult you out of your comfort zone and basically leave you complete shameless.
By the time you’re done, you’ll get so good at asking for what you want and presenting your case, there’s going to be no such thing as “shyness”.

You’re suddenly braver than ever

Imagine: you made a crowdfunding campaign page, got a good pitch video done, got the right team in place, figured out a marketing strategy, stepped way out of your comfort zone so often and executed everything you planned- it takes some major balls. Post all of this; suddenly you’re open to all of life’s challenges. In fact, you’re actually anticipating your next adventure.

You discover new skills you didn’t even know you had

The process of getting the pitch video right gives you so much perspective into what goes into making a video, how to sell a story in less than two minutes and more. Reward-setting gives you a peek into merchandising. Then you get to the analytical side of the internet. You get into network building and start paying a little more attention towards building your personal brand.
You become more than just a filmmaker, a musician, a game-maker, a thespian.

Your perspective towards the world changes

All said and done, the ultimate game-changer comes into play when you see complete strangers putting their money on your project. That’s it, right there, faith in humanity restored. You’re an optimist for life. But more than that, you become a giver. Because, crowdfunding makes you realize that the more you give, the more you get.

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