Crowdfunding is Bringing the LGBTQ Community Closer

Posted on 28 June, 2016 by Team Wishberry


Watch this video to understand how crowdfunding has helped creative ideas from LGBTQ community come to life!

LGBTQ projects have been setting the bar for Indian creativity pretty high. Since, these projects are community-backed, there's plenty of creative freedom and encouragement to explore. Over the course of years, we’ve seen these projects gain popularity as well as assured success, thanks to the vibrant community.
Look at some of the awesomest crowdfunded projects to have come out of Wishberry: 

Gaysi Queer Graphic Anthology

This is India's first ever graphic anthology focusing on art and writing from the LGBTQ community. Featuring works of some of the boldest, edgiest and stunning artists, this anthology is a work of art unto itself. 

It raised Rs. 2,40,702 from 79 backers.


The Other Love Story

This is a one of a kind love story about two girls who fall in love with each other during the nostalgic 90s, when there were no cellphones, no Google, and perhaps the only way people could learn something was by actually doing it. 

It raised Rs. 4,00,000 from 41 backers.

Crowdfunding for the fourth time in a row, the seventh edition of Kashish MIQFF – South Asia's largest LGBTQ film festival, promised to be bigger and better than ever! And did it deliver! The chief guest of the festival was none other than Sir Ian McKellen! 

It raised Rs. 2,71,011 from 66 backers.

Hyacinth Dance Drama

A first of its kind dance-drama based on a Greek mythology, portraying love without boundaries of gender, physicality and laws. Hyacinth was choreographed by none other than renowned choreographer Sandip Soparrkar.

It raised Rs. 2,06,500 from 69 backers.

No other area or genre has brought together a community that comes forward time after time to support creativity, in a way that LGBTQ projects do. It doesn't even matter if the people don't know the person behind a project; all they want is the project to exist and their voices to be heard. It's inspiring, isn't it?

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