What To Do When Your Crowdfunding Project Hits A Crisis?

Posted on 4 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

  EC3 The way the internet works, you can never really foresee what can go wrong with a crowdfunding campaign. It could be something you said in passing, one tiny thing in your pitch video or maybe just a communication angle that made sense in your head but didn’t really go down well with your audience. The possibilities are endless, and before you know it you’re embroiled in a controversy you have no time for. So, how do you deal with a crowdfunding PR crisis? Let’s figure it out.

Take caution of who is talking about you

When your campaign catches on with people, there will be a lot of publications who will want to talk about you. Pay attention to who wants to pick your story, how authentic they are and what kind of audiences they attract. Maintain a hawk’s eye on what they are talking about you as well. More often than not, it’s a slight oversight on the publisher’s part that could lead to a giant shit-storm.

Do not try to cover up the issue

This is a huge mistake even major brands have been known to make. It’s very easy to pretend that something didn’t go wrong and that all is fine with the world. But, don’t take to deleting negative comments. It will only piss people off further and make you look like you really did something wrong, even if you didn’t.

Speak up

Where money is concerned, transparency is of the absolute essence. So, be brave. Admit your mistake to the public. Apologize and clarify. Use your social media to make personal amends. Don’t make the mistake of being defensive and whiny. Show confidence in the face of peril.
Whether you did nothing wrong beyond a small oversight or made a huge mistake out of sheer ignorance, be open.
  People will appreciate the courage it took to speak up in public. Put out a press release. Reach out to blogs, media houses and any content portal where your audience is likely to be, and give your side of the story explaining what your future course of action is. Keep it short and simple. And once again, make sure you don’t come across as hostile, defensive and bitter.

Don’t give up

Your crowdfunding campaign will have suffered a huge setback, obviously. You’ll feel pretty shaken up too. But that doesn’t mean crowdfunding can never be your cup of tea. While it may seem impossible to run a crowdfunding campaign while it has been hit by crisis, let it take its course. Once the deadline is over, regroup, learn from your mistakes, let things cool down and start afresh.
You have a chance to rewrite this story. Plus, people already know you now. Use this recall to your advantage.
  Prevention is always better than cure. And great crisis management effort is one that foresees a crisis before it has even happened. Evaluate what can go wrong with your campaign and fix it beforehand. Your crowdfunding coaches are the perfect people to give you the right perspective on something like this! But above everything else, please don’t freak out. You’ll be fine. You’ll sail through it, as long as you’re willing to be brave.

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