Crazy Offline Activities You Can Do To Get Hype for Your Crowdfunding Campaign!

Posted on 16 July, 2016 by Team Wishberry

To be able to crowdfund successfully, one need to don their creative hats and engage with audience and prospective backers all the time. One really cool way to reach out to a lot of people at the same time, to get their money, their support and answer whatever questions they may have, is through some real life events and activities. 

Why is an offline event important?

Well, for starters, it is a great way to get likeminded people under one roof! Talking about your project to them in real life makes it easier to establish trust as well. Plus, if they have any questions, they really don’t have to do anything else, except raise their hand or just walk up to you and ask. 

How do you bring people to your event? 

Consider the kind of people that would be interested in your campaign, then branch into what are the kinds of events these people would be interested in. At the end of the day, remember that your goal is to get their funding or at least their email addresses. 

Need some inspiration? We’ve listed down a few networking ideas by genre that you can try! 


- Script-readings: Horrors, thrillers and comedies work best for script readings! Get your film’s actors to enact their parts and give people a direct glimpse into your film! 

- Trailer launch: While a film launch is not possible during crowdfunding, you can always call your press contacts, some key industry people, your friends and people from your network, to do a trailer launch, followed by a fun and interactive Q&A. Followed by talking about your crowdfunding campaign and opening up for people’s pledges! 

- Host a themed house party: If your film follows a theme – say it’s set in a specific era, or is a noir film – then you can totally host a small costume party to bring your networks together and create hype about your film! That’s what Hankaar – India’s first fully crowdfunded web-series did to build hype about their crowdfunding campaign! 

- Crash a movie! Okay, don’t get any wild ideas. What this basically means is, say there’s a really popular film playing at a theatre near you, and if you think it caters to an audience that is similar to that of your film, do a little sneaky and drop pledge in their seats when they’re away at the interval. Or even better, chat up with people during the interval and tell them about your film! 


- Busking is an underrated yet absolutely awesome way to get people curious about your music project! And the best part? You can do this almost anywhere! But coffee shops are the best place! Head to that quaint coffee shop that’s also your favourite spot. If you’re a regular, you should have no trouble getting permission for an impromptu jam! Once you’re done, tell people about your crowdfunding campaign, collect email ids, if not money! (Read up on more about busking HERE!)

- Do a surprise gig at your friends’ workplace: Ad agencies and startups are more than cool to host musicians for an impromptu gig to pump up the office atmosphere. And we all have a whole bunch of friends working at such places. Get in touch with their HR, drop by one Friday night and just start jamming! It’s a brilliant way to cast a wider net, and get newer fans!  

- Release an early teaser live: Got an upcoming gig? Why not pop a surprise to the crowd, by playing some super-fresh material! Not only do you get to test your upcoming album, but also give the audience the gift of exclusivity. If they love it, they’re definitely pledging to it! 

- Jam with your fans: Got an active social media presence, with a good base of loyal fans? Now is the time to put it to good use! Pick a location, and ask your followers to gather there for a fun jam session – it can even by at the local park! 

- Crowdsource your gig: This is a cool way to integrate offline activities with social media. It’s simple. Ask your community to give you a place, time and song to perform, as a challenge (the more absurd and outrageous, the better!). Accept the challenge, pick a day, tell your fans to be there to witness the insanity. Make sure someone records it, so it can build some online curiosity too! 


- Flash acting: Gather your people. Have a normal party. Bang in the middle of the party, let your cast break out into a scene from your play – the more dramatic or confusing the scene, the better. Don’t let anyone know until the very end! You can even do this at a crowded railway station, if you’re feeling adventurous! 

- Crash a table: Pick a place that’s the watering hole for theatre lovers (Prithvi Café or The Barking Deer, for instance). Spread your team (actors, writer and director) across the place. And make them join completely random people at their tables, and start some good conversation which will eventually veer towards your crowdfunding campaign. Even better, buy them a Sulemani Chai or an Irish Coffee, with a note about your project!  

And then some more:

- A casual dinner: Sometimes all it takes is hosting a nice little dinner to bring the right people under one roof and get their support. 

- A backers-only event: Gather those backers who’ve funded above a certain amount to actually experience your project – it could be a ‘funders only’ screening, a secret gig, a product-testing event. Let them experience what they’ve actually funded for, so that they can go out and tell others about it! It’s a great way to turn backers into long-term advocates too! 

- Collaborate with someone: It could be an organization, a space that caters to the same kind of audience that you too, or even a prominent personality! Partner up with them, so they can host an event for you – this way you can reach out to a larger and relevant audience, and get the validation too. 

When it comes to guerrilla and below the line marketing, there’s just so much you can do! All you have to do is shed your inhibitions, don your creative hat and prepare to have a blast! 

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