Some Of The Coolest Indian Web Comics You Should Check Out

Posted on 24 November, 2015 by Team Wishberry

December-comic-2 If you’re tired of the cat videos and silly memes running rampant on the internet, we’ve got something for you. We bring you the clever and hilarious side of the Indian internet, in the form of some of the coolest Indian Web Comics. Check them out! (Thank us later.)


Aarthi Parthasarthy and Kaveri Gopalakrishnan capture life in urban Indian cities through personal experiences and influx of the ever changing metropolitan culture in their webcomic - UrbanLore. The duo puts a really quirky mirror in front of everyday situations an urban dweller would have experienced at least once. Relatable, funny and so nicely done! Indian Comic Artists -1

Royal Existentials

The very concept of Royal Existentials blew our minds and made us snigger more than we should have. The brainchild of Aarthi Parthasarathy and Chaitanya Krishnan, Royal Existentials takes historical Indian paintings of the Mughal era and gives it a fresh and contemporary perspective. Inspired by David Malki’s comic strip Wondermark, these old paintings discuss any present day topic ranging from philosophy to politics and even existentialism. It’s a treat for those who are seeking clever and witty content online. Indian Comic Artists -2

Crocodile in water, tiger on land

Anonymous creators of Crocodile in Water, Tiger on Land cover weekly happenings in the country with a raw satirical edge. The premise majorly is a rant with the images doing a lot of the talking in the most interesting and hard hitting ways. The fearless perspective tends to stay with the readers much after they’ve moved past the comics.

Indian Comic Artists -3 Delhittante

Priya Kuriyan is an independent animation filmmaker and illustrator who’s given life to ‘Galli galli sim sim’,‘Maya Saves The Day’ by Mira Nair, and more. She has also designed covers for Ruskin Bond’s recent novels. Her web comic Delhittante talks about everything Delhi from the metro girls with their winged eye-liners to the senior citizens’ intense pre-poll analysis- so much fun! Indian Comic Artists -4


With an idea to make people, smile Gurudev Kallahally began his webcomic strip ‘just for the heck of it’ as he said in an interview. Witty, sarcastic and sharp is what Gurudev’s insanely popular web comic, Sarcanomics is all about. Indian Comic Artists -5

Garbage Bin

Garbage Bin takes readers on the adorable and hilarious adventures of an unapologetic kid, his news addict dad and pushy mom. The comics depict life in general for an average middle class child in India, and captures cheap thrills and grand imagination in a humorous light. Indian Comic Artists -10 Any Indian web comics that you think we should know of? Do tell!  

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