Blue FROG Memoirs: Favourite fan memories

Posted on 13 September, 2016 by Team Wishberry

The Mumbai indie music scene was conceived by venues like Rang Bhavan, I-Rock at Chitrakoot grounds, and Razzberry Rhinoceros. But, the scene was raised through its puberty, adolescence and into adulthood by Blue FROG.

There are countless memories made in the 9 years of the club’s existence. The vibe is what makes a great place, and hell, there’s no argument against Blue FROG’s vibe that made music lovers feel at home almost instantly. The entrance gully of Blue FROG has had countless cigarettes smoked, joints rolled, and a few more million friendships fostered.

We’ve seen many artists share their favourite Blue FROG memories. And, we couldn’t help but hear stories from the other side i.e. the fans. So, we went ahead and asked some of the Blue FROG regulars what their favourite memories have been, and well, here they are.

Prepare to board the feels train.

"When I played there with DnA Machines, I had six songs to sing in a set of 12, rest were instrumentals. So, I had time to take breaks. The best part was getting a beer served in the green room where I lit a smoke and waited for my turn to go and sing the next song. Wonderful vibe."

Wriddhayan Bhattacharya

"It was 17th July 2012, and I was late as usual trying to get to Blue FROG for the gig. I missed the first act that was at 9:30, and I must have reached around 10:30PM at the FROG when I saw that the floor was empty and everyone was crowding around the center of the floor. It seemed really strange. I picked up my camera, deposited my bag at the corner and walked down to the floor. It felt great to see that all that space was being used to set up for the next act that was the Sharik Hasan Organ Trio. The setting seemed really intimate, and everyone was ready to experience it. They were setting up on the floor because the previous act was a pianist and there was a grand piano on stage which couldn't be moved immediately for the next set. It was just this much of change that made it so memorable.

As they started playing, people slowly started sitting down on the floor. It felt intimidating to keep standing when you heard them play. The music was beautiful, but that proximity to the musicians made it feel like you were on stage with them and that there was no audience they were playing for but themselves. There was so much silence for that whole set. I don't remember if they used the PAs for that gig, it felt like we were listening to them straight from the instruments. For me, it was tricky to even keep shooting, because even that much of a shutter sound could interfere with the surreal vibe.


Looking back at this image, I wonder why I didn't shoot the people in perspective, I might have some images with people, but this image just felt right to represent the night for me. The experience was so singular that I couldn't feel the people around me, we were all enthralled by the spell of their music, and this is one of the many golden memories I have of Blue FROG."

Prashin Jagger

"My favourite Blue FROG memory has to be the first time I ever set foot into the place. It was some 3 years ago, for Mutemath's first ever gig in Mumbai. I was quite the newbie to the gig culture. But when your favourite band is in the city, what can you do? And although many gigs have followed since then, this one remains special because it was here that I witnessed the most perfectly executed mattress surf ever. Vocalist Paul Meany jumped on a mattress and us fans surfed him through the venue. And in that moment, I felt like we were in a space of our own. Someplace we could call our own; where everyone cared about the same thing with such unadulterated passion. You know, to forget everything and be a part of something so surreal, I don’t think you can experience that kind of intimacy anywhere else, except the whimsy and close-knit setting of Blue FROG."

Karen Fernandes

"BlueFROG has not only housed my favourite artists and shaped the way an entire generation perceives live music, but is also home to some of the kindest people in the form of its staff. Every staff member I have interacted with at every gig (and there was a time, I was perpetually at BlueFROG), has always taken the time to speak to me or tend to what I need, even in the middle of the noisiest gig. As a music journalist, I’ve always noticed that artists have found themselves thoroughly at home in BlueFROG and I’d always prefer to interview them there, given the choice. Every gig at BlueFROG, big or small, has brought me closer to appreciating the effort the collective staff takes in getting the sound right. I honestly cannot recollect a gig where the sound has impeded the experience. Fingers crossed for BlueFROG recreating this space innovatively in their upcoming premises, so we can all be welcomed back home soon."

Shruti Sunderraman

"There are a lot of memories when it comes to Blue FROG but one of the best experience is definitely Control Alt Delete (CAD) on 1st June 2014. 
There was a lot of hype about CAD and they had released a trailer online. I found it to be damn interesting and the lineup was amazing. Some of the best metal bands across India were going to perform at CAD. 
I had reached Blue FROG along with my friends before time as it was definitely going to be a packed show. As expected, Blue FROG was filled with metal heads wearing black. The one thing which stayed with me about CAD was it was a "pay what you want" event but almost everyone contributed a lot to it just for the love of music.
As the gig started, there was such a positive vibe around, with people going mad to the tunes of some of the best independent bands from across India.
There were people who had come from South India and Delhi, to name a few places.
In no time, people started the craziest moshpit at the FROG ever.
CAD yet remains one of the best experiences for me. Thanks to the killer sound system at Blue FROG, those 6 hours of madness were totally worth it."

Aditya Pawar

"Since my office is exactly opposite Blue FROG, I've seen a lot of artists chilling around in the compound, but this one has to be the best of them all. On the 5th June, 2015, Lucky Ali was performing at the FROG and I was as hyper as I could be. I made my receptionist stand outside the office door to check when Lucky Ali came outside the FROG. Since she had no idea who Lucky Ali was, it was difficult. I still remember telling her, ‘the moment you see any man with salt pepper hair, just give me a call’. I must have ran upside down some 10 times, but finally there he was. All I ever wanted was to say just a ‘hi’, but I ended up blurting ‘hi, I'm Saloni. I am a huge fan; fan girl moment’ and some 20 other randomly put together words."

Saloni Sancheti

"Picking one memorable night at Blue FROG is just so damn difficult. Metal nights at Blue FROG were like a prison break as it’s not your typical small venue, it’s got a good stage, great sound, absolutely kickass ambience and to top it all, killer lighting. But I have to say that one of the best nights for me would be when my band Trinergic got to perform there. It was one of the best experiences to play at such a venue. I really do feel fucking lucky to have played there, as it is moving now.


I'll never forget the awesome stage dive I got to do at Blue FROG. Can there be a more perfect venue in town to stage dive and crowd surf? Anyone who has done that knows it's one hell of a fucking experience."

Rahul Nair

Blue FROG has announced that they will be relocating. It will have its own memories, but this is where it began - the growing up of the indie music scene. The stories will soon become urban legend and fans will bask in the memories forever.

So, let's collect those memories here. Tell us your favourite.

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