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Posted on 5 January, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Image source: Red Bull Music Academy

Gone are the days when MTV and Channel V got us the best of international and Indian music. What we thought was our saviour, the internet, has given us such an overload of information that we face difficulty in finding the good stuff. But, worry not, for we spied the internet, and scoured its dark alleys to bring you a list of the best music related series from around the world. Check it out.

See. Hear. Now.

See. Hear. Now. is a Red Bull series wherein indie musicians from different countries perform in a grungy room of sorts. The musician performs two tracks – one from an older album and one from an upcoming album of theirs. The short 10-12 minute episodes open with the musician talking about themselves a bit, and then they talk about the songs they are to perform, just before they perform it. Here, in this episode, Swedish singer/songwriter Nadia Nair performs two of her lovely songs, and talks about how her multicultural heritage influences her. 

Sessions X


Sessions X is a website which does a bunch of incredible things pertaining to indie music. But, their series, Sessions, is something we got particularly interested in. Various artists across genres perform on Sessions. A single episode is divided into multiple short videos on the website. The artists perform a bunch of songs, and they also speak about their journeys. It is definitely something which will give you some of your new favourite international indie artists.

Stripped Sessions

It is exactly how it sounds. The music and the setting are as stripped down as it can be. Let us give you an idea – a serene sea, a rocky shore, a man sitting with a guitar, playing his songs. Yes, it is exactly that. There is a different beauty about music bared of everything else. Here is that exact setting we described with Beach Slang, a Philly-based indie band playing some good music. 

A.V. Undercover


The A. V. Club produces A.V. Undercover. This series involves throwing a band in a small room and asking them to cover a song of their choice. The original song is tweaked and twisted, loved and lusted by the band covering it, and you can feel all of it. But, you will still be able to see the musicianship and the potential of the indie band, and hey, you might just have a new offshore favourite. We chose this episode because Of Montreal covers one of our favourite artists, The White Stripes (Jack White for President!). 

Special Mention:

Yosi Horikawa – Layered Memories


Okay, this is not a series, yet. But Japanese music producer Yosi Horikawa weaves some serious magic in this one. The documentary, Layered Memories, chronicles Horikawa’s journey into a jungle where he records the sounds of nature, and eventually uses them as elements in his music. Pure sorcery. 

These series struck a chord, well, actually many chords. Anyway, we loved these series and we think you should check them out. But, as you know, we are always hungry to discover more. So, tell us if you know of an awesome music series we might have missed out on!

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