All You Need To Know About Making an Awesome Film Pitch Video

Posted on 28 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry


Is the pitch video the same as a film’s trailer?

First things first, a film’s pitch video and its trailer are not the same things. What’s the difference? A pitch video is something that has the trailer as well as your appeal to the community to support your film. A trailer is, well, you know what a trailer is.

So, what goes into a pitch video?

In a pitch video, you not only show the film’s trailer, but also talk about what the film is about, show some behind the scenes footage, explain why you need the money and pitch for it! But, obviously, you can’t just ramble on and on and talk about how difficult your journey has been. Your pitch video needs to be awesome enough to not only convince people to give you their money, but also make them want to share it with others. With that in mind, let’s look at some defining qualities of a winning pitch video.

There’s less talking, more showing

Sure, you can talk about your film’s concept and the challenges you’re facing, but it’s much more effective to actually show people your story. Take them on a journey with you. It drives home the point faster and is sure to leave viewers with more food for thought in a very little time. Plus, you’re making a film! There’s just so much interesting fodder to share, that can make your pitch sellable!

It's honest and conveys your passion

Some of our favorites, are those that are straight from the heart. The passion and drive that pushes you to make a film in spite of the many fears and roadblocks, is what convinces potential backers to fund you too. So, don’t sugarcoat or beat around the bush. Don’t be shy to admit that you’re broke. This is what actually works.

It’s visually interesting

You know how trailers set the mood for a film? Your pitch video can do the same- build anticipation among potential audiences by making it as creative as possible! This is your shot to convince people how far you’re willing to go to make your film. So, go all out- pitch while hanging upside down from the ceiling, transport yourself to a scene from an iconic film, stitch various movie clips together to make a fun and engaging pitch. If nothing, make sure it’s a treat to look at!

All said and done, it's short and to the point!

Now here’s the real challenge. You need to cover all the above mentioned points, without half-assing it, in three minutes or less! If it’s too short, you may leave a lot more to be desired. If it’s too long, people are going to get bored. This is the first line of engagement. If they’re not convinced here, they’re not going to care much about your project. So, remember to keep it short! The best part is that your film’s pitch video needn’t even be a budget breaking thing with high-end equipment and heavy visual effects. A clever mix of all the points we mentioned above, shot even on your iPhone can work wonders!

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