Aditya’s Upcoming Film Has Two Sex Workers Take Over The Patriarchal Business

Posted on 7 November, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Last October, Aditya decided to take on patriarchy through the launch of his third book ‘Tikli and Laxmi Bomb’ (TALB). This piece of fiction narrates the story of two prostitutes in the streets of Mumbai - Putul (aka Tikli) and Laxmi Malvankar (aka Laxmi Bomb), who decide to kick men out of the system and start a kind of co-operative to protect the interest of fellow sex workers. “I'd researched this world a lot for my earlier books. Wanted to write an anti patriarchy story, set at its roots. Hence, the story of TALB”, says Mumbai based Aditya Kriplani when asked about his inspiration behind the novel’s story.

A year from its launch, the novel has gained tremendous appreciation for its strong character development and its gripping realistic tone of narration. The critics pinned it as one of the few high calibre pieces of fiction coming out of India. For a TALB fan, it won’t be too long before watching Tikli and Laxmi sketched out on a screen in Aditya’s upcoming movie, based on his book. Aditya aims to reach out to a wider audience with the TALB story through his movie. “I only became a film-maker because I wanted the story of TALB to reach wider and further than a book could”, states Aditya.   

Understanding Tikli and Laxmi Bomb

Aditya focusses on anti patriarchy and woman power in TALB, by deep diving into the lives of sex workers as they are the worst affected by patriarchy. “They are not even allowed to legally practice on the streets and so they have no recourse to justice from the law” he explains. The upcoming movie narrates the fun and enjoyable tale of Tikli and Laxmi, which will not only keep the audience entertained but also give them something to think about, when they leave the theatre. With the film expected to reach out to a larger audience than the book, it aims to inspire women in each industry to ask themselves this question ‘What if we started something of our own, by women, for women?'

Getting to know Aditya

35 year old Aditya completed his post graduation in film screenplay writing from the prestigious FTII in 2004. He started off as a script reader and then moved to becoming the Creative Head at Idream Productions (co-producers of popular flicks such as Bend it Like Beckham, Monsoon Wedding, 16th December, etc.). Aditya published his first novel ‘Back Seat’ in 2008 under the label of his self-owned publishing house Neurotic Ink. With this, he not only took the leap of becoming a first time fiction novelist but also, a first time publisher. Teaching at renowned institutes and writing fitness columns for popular publications such as Man's World and Yuva are some more additions to his highly diversified resume.

Being a Film-maker from an Author

The creative writer turned novelist turned filmmaker draws out a very interesting perspective on his journey. Aditya explains, “An author's journey is solitary. And it all depends on you. You can make it happen or if you fail, it fails. Whereas as a director you have to depend on the best work of so many other people. And if their work doesn't happen it all fails.” He further explains the difference between his two professional paths, “as a writer, being an author is exciting because you get to spend time in a character's head a lot. With the films it's a lot more externalised. It's beautiful to be able to be self dependent, as an author, and also have to cull or encourage so many others to do their best. A team effort is as satisfying as kicking a goal yourself.”

Backed by the Crowd

He recently took the crowdfunding route for his movie and managed to raise INR 10.5 lakhs. The funds will be used in composition and recording of the music, and online as well as offline post production. Aditya tapped into his close circuit to reach his crowdfunding target, with the funds coming-in from friends and family, extended friends and family and friends of friends or family. Shooting is scheduled to begin in January 2017, with the completion planned by March.

Update: There have been reports that suggest Swara Bhaskar has been roped in for the role of Tikli and Vibhavari Deshpande for the role of Laxmi.

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