A List of Totally Awesome Rewards For Your Crowdfunding Campaign In Almost Every Genre

Posted on 30 December, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Example of Rewards Rewards are what you give people who funded your crowdfunding campaign. It’s so much more than just a memento as an acknowledgement for someone’s generosity. Rewards can actually help you go a step further in turning strangers into fans and fans into super-fans.  And the best part is you can go as crazy as you want. We made a big bad list across genres of films, music, dance, publishing, comics, theatre, apps, fashion, food, photography, games, art and product design, to give you some ideas.


- Use the theme of your film to make limited edition merchandise which only backers can get their hands on. It worked well for the angry fans of Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai. - Name a character after a funder - If the film is still being shot, star a few backers for a cameo appearance in the movie. Also, invite them to experience “a day in the life of a filmmaker” as they accompany you for one work-day and help you shoot some crucial scenes in the film. - On first come first serve basis backers could pick a select range of props from the movie signed by the actor who used it. - If you have a famous actor in your film, you could ask them to give a video shoutout or a coffee date to backers. - Send deleted scenes or alternate endings that didn’t make it into the film exclusively for your backers.


- Sing and dedicate a cover of any song chosen by the backer to their loved one on social media. Or record a personalized ring tone for your backer. - Hold a live webcam jam session with the entire band. Or hold a dinner and jam at your den like Mame Khan. - Design the names of all your backers into your album poster art and tag them on social media. You could also host sessions on learning music via Skype! - Parvaaz offered their backers to record a video starring them in it, an all access pass during the album launch and invites for the bands next few shows. - Give away backstage passes, and after spending some time with your backer create a mix tape or a personalized mix CD exclusively for them. Or even better write a song for them! - A private gig just for your funder and their friends. - Actual literal shoutouts at the next gig you’ll be performing. - Original score sheets.


- Give your backers a tour around your favourite creativity inspiring spots in the city. (Preferably a bicycle ride early in the morning or your favourite coffee shops.) - A personalized comic strip framed and signed or a cartoon character named after the backer, just like Lawtoons. - Handwritten notes or doodled postcards showing your love. - Custom merch like phone cover cases, cushions, laptop sleeves, socks, etc. - Share your list of favourite writers/comic artists with your backer and provide them with a reading list of books you must read before you die. - Let them have access to exclusive content like - alternative endings, scraped out characters, considered plot twists. - Collaborate with funders on drafting one strip or one chapter of the book.


- Host a master class on the basics of theatre. - Any costume/prop used in the play. - Send out secret invites for attending the theatres dress rehearsal, and pose for pictures after. - You could also do what Bliss Of Solitude did, they offered tickets to the premier of the show, along with after party passes and invites to a special workshop which would be conducted on set. - Give your backer an opportunity to have their script looked over by a professional. Also, send them a signed copy of the script. - Wine and dine with the entire theatre crew. - Thespo 17 honored their backers by letting everyone know about their contribution through a massive shout out poster and also arranged for an opportunity to perform in an interactive play.


- Offer backers a chance to learn a dance routine or choreograph a special performance for their personal events/functions. - Ignite! Festival of Contemporary Dance acknowledged their backers by dedicating a performance of the night to them and sent a framed & signed photograph of the performance. They also sent up to 20 passes. - Have backers join you for relaxing spa day with delicious fruit juices and mani-pedis. - Offer 3 - 4 private dance sessions for a funder. - Ask funder to choose a song. Get your best dancers together and shoot some crazy moves. Dedicate this video to the funder on social media.


- Send a signed hardcover edition of your book to the funder, with their name embossed on it. - Custom-made personalized bookmarks. - Audio cds of the book. - Writing workshop. - Let a funder co-write one page of the book. - A box set of all your works. - Immersive literature. Include backers into your storyline and then send it to them as a limited edition work! - Handcrafted mugs. - Meet up with your backer and make a custom character sketch about them! You could even write a short story with the backer as a protagonist.


- Do a mural for a backer- either inside or outside their home! - Art postcards- 52 artsy postcards for every week of the year, to keep the love of art alive. - Ask funders to send you their favourite memory or moment, give it your own art interpretation and send it to them! - A private gallery tour. - Artsy fridge magnets. - Invite them over to spend a day at your studio- let them watch you at work and learn a thing or two!


- Make your funders the first beta testers of your app! - Give wristbands with a quirky one liner like the “Till Potholes Do Us Apart” wristbands that Pothole Watch Mobile App. - A tee/badge/car bumper sticker that says something witty about your app. - A 101 in UI/UX or making an app, via Skype or Google Hangouts. - A custom made personalized calendar, where you not only say a story about your app every month, but also cover notable moments from your funder’s life.

Product design

- Engrave/emboss a funder’s name on the first ten-fifteen products as “Made possible by Mr. X”. - An origami calendar, like the one by Greenopia. - Invite to be the early testers and adopters of the product. - An exclusive feature on your website as the product’s co-creator. - Exclusive miniature of the product- available only as a part of the crowdfunding reward


- A private food tasting party. Create a special menu just for your funders and invite them over for feedback! While you’re at it, throw in some good music and party away! - A pub crawl- through all your favourite pubs in the city of your choice. - Name a dish after a funder. - Give away custom made personalized aprons, chef hats, salt and pepper shakers etc. - Give your own twist to a funder’s favourite food and include it in your men. - Cater for their picnic.


- Custom designed accessories- make something so unique, they can’t buy it anywhere else. - Be a funder’s personal stylist for a day. - Give your funder a makeover. - Style from scrap- take the leftover cloth you have and make cute bowties, scarves, headbands etc. and give it as rewards. - Revamp an existing fashion accessory. Redesign and jazz up any of your funder’s items like shoes, bags, sunglasses etc. - Mention your funders’ names on the labels of first fifteen designs.


- Let a funder take over your Instagram for 24 hours. - Do a limited edition funder’s only poster or print run of your photos. - Offer to do 3 photoshoots for a funder during a period of 1 year. - Be the photographer of your funders’ private events. - Send your selected photos as postcards.


- Invite funders over for a Beer and Games night! - Exclusive wallpapers of the game- for laptop and phone. - A brochure/booklet with rough sketches, notes, character development, interesting facts about the game and the like. - A collector’s edition of your game, available only as a part of the crowdfunding reward and not anywhere else. - If it’s a card game, offer custom-drawn cards for funders. If it’s a board game, name a character after a funder.

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