A day in The Demonstealer's Facebook life

Posted on 20 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Being India’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects, one of our missions is to empower independent creators across the country to get out there and spread that sauce. However, raising funds for your music projects can get extremely difficult if you’re not great at marketing yourself. Hence we got in touch with Sahil Makhija a.k.a. Demonstealer - the lead vocalist of Demonic Resurrection, who is doing a fantastic job at being his own social media manager, to learn what a day in his Facebook life looks like. [caption id="attachment_15833" align="alignnone" width="577"]SahilMakhija Pic Image Credits: Ashish Kamble & Dheeraj Govindraju[/caption]   To begin with, at this point in time, social media is essential to market oneself. And Facebook is the behemoth of all social media platforms; an artist, especially an independent artist, must make full use of it.  I spend a lot of time Facebook, I log in to the site immediately after waking up, and I’m on and off throughout the day and even before I sleep. But, this routine I’m sure comes naturally to everyone now. Other than blankly scrolling, I make sure I post about 2-3 updates on my personal profile, 1 post on my band and personal project pages each, every day. But if there’s a gig or something exciting that’s happening, the number shoots up to a minimum of 3 updates.  Demonstealer - Facebook Life7 Now, what do I share if there is no on-going event? Well, I take care of about 10 Facebook pages, so you should know if you want to make things work, you can get it done! Anyway, I begin with arranging everything that I would want talk about in my head. Then I write it down and schedule them accordingly on the platform. At times I rotate old content. The key is having good content. Demonstealer - Facebook Life5 Demonstealer - Facebook Life1 However, this only keeps your page alive. Fan engagement on the other hand takes a lot of effort. I tend to ask my fans questions like what their favourite album or song is, I also run contests – I’ve tried a t-shirt design contest, make a meme for the band contest, etc. Simple forms of engagement work the best. Demonstealer - Facebook Life2 With the new Facebook algorithm getting your posts to reach people is challenging. But Facebook groups work well in such a case. It guarantees that your message is communicated to the right audience.  A few best practices that I think every artists should ALWAYS follow: 1. Choose your content wisely! Don’t say anything you don’t want to associate your band or your work with. Demonstealer - Facebook Life3 2. Make your posts as interactive as you can. And build a good network on social media platforms as well as offline. Demonstealer - Facebook Life4 3. Maintain a mailing list and regularly update your official website.  Demonstealer - Facebook Life6 4. Reply to your fans. Value them, as they are responsible for your success. SahilMakhijaFanInteraction

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