A 101 On Crowdfunding For Comic Creators

Posted on 22 March, 2017 by Team Wishberry

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The world is changing too fast, and no matter how updated you are on the whole in-scene it always tends to get a tad bit overwhelming. Especially when you begin your research with basic questions about a concept that is not so new. As crowdfunding didn't begin in the mid 2000s, the concept dates back to 1700s!

Understanding Crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding basically is a drill to fund a project with the help of large numbers of people by raising small amounts of money, via the Internet. As crowds at large tend to put smaller amounts of money, they don't expect monetary returns but creative giveaways and early-bird access to your comics.

And, for comic artists like yourself, crowdfunding should be perceived as an opportunity to create a channel that brings fans, the market, media and the money at one place. All in all, crowdfunding is the act of pre-selling your comic book while creating a fan base who are actually helping you print/publish the book!   

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, just like everything great the process of making it work isn't simple, it takes in a lot of effort right from picking an apt platform. Each platform is unique and they all offer a different spin to things keeping the concept general across the board. Make sure you do your research because you do not want to just randomly launch your project on any platform. The platform by it-self makes a lot of difference. 

How to pick a crowdfunding platform?

There are 4 types of platforms - 
1. Equity Based: Where investors receive a stake in the company. 
2. Donation Based: Here contributions go toward a charitable cause. 
3. Lending Based: Investors are repaid for their investment over a period of time. 
4. Reward Based: Investors (usually called backers) receive a tangible item or service in return for their funds.   

Learn more about these platforms right HERE. For a comic creator the best platform that you could pick for your project is, a Rewards Based platform. Wherein you could offer fun, quirky and exclusive rewards as an incentive for your project without getting investors but fans on board, which works well for the marketing of your comic book.

How to go about it?

Once you pick a platform, the website will guide you to create a profile, which typically would contain details about you, an introduction to your project, a short video, a list of rewards, and an image gallery. Basically, just the essentials to create a compelling message that will attract a prospective backer to support you. Get the full picture of filling up your campaign page HERE!   

The plan is to communicate not just what you’ve been working on and how, but why have you been putting in that much work for your comic, what it means to you, why do you think your project needs to exist, etc. Your campaign page must really hit home. The rewards must be exciting, something people would really want and something they can’t buy. 

Not a long time ago, Neelam Kumar got her graphic novel successfully funded by Ratan Tata and Ambitabh Bachchan, do check out her impressive campaign page as well. If there’s anything more about crowdfunding you need clarity on, do get in touch with us on Facebook.  

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