9 Totally Awesome Indian Web-series You Probably Didn't Know Of

Posted on 21 June, 2016 by Team Wishberry


There is no doubt that Indians are a creative lot, no wonder the Internet at present is flooding with a massive selection of original web-series to catch up with. And, we’re certain that you’ve heard and caught a few episodes of the extremely popular shows like – TVF’s Permanent Roommates and Pitchers, Scoopwhoop’s Baked, and the others. Here’s our list of the awesome side of the Internet you probably would love.

Hip Hop Homeland

Following a docu-style series – Hip Hop Homeland is a thorough look at the Indian underground hip-hop scene. From rap to visual art and of course dance, the series brushes one over various forms of self-expression, educating its evolution, growth and future plans.

Standing By

Nothing short of brilliant! This six-part documentary series explores the Indian independent music scene right from its roots. Supported by excerpts of the biggest musicians in the industry the 6 episodes literally unearth the most interesting events that were the foundation of the elaborate independent music industry that’s growing every single day. Artiste of the indie scene or not, this docu-series will hit right home.

Better Life Foundation - Web Series

Launched in the first week of June with just two episodes out, the series is a breath of fresh air. The show follows utter chaos that goes on in the team of the fictional NGO - The Better Life Foundation. A condescending philanthropist, a no-nonsense program head, a ‘chalta hai’ attitude blessed operations head, an intern and a filthy rich volunteer who's nothing short of a brat; are on a mission to serve humour kicked with the unexciting daily.

All About Section 377

The series is an effort to understand the daily struggles of people from the LGBT community in India. The show follows the story of a struggling actor who moves in with his cousin and his boyfriend.

Star Boyz

Captain Kenny Sebastian, one of India’s best stand-up comic sets on a journey to spoof Star Wars along with commanders Naveen and Mani. With an extremely catchy opening theme song, the team’s space expedition begins with the hunt for a pack of smokes as they venture into the farthest corners of our universe in search of a few last drags. The series has a couple cameos from Rajinikant and Kamal Hassan as a Jedi, all of this topped with a south Indian accent.

I Don't Watch TV

Bringing the biggest names of TV together, Nakuul Mehta, Alekh Sangal and Ram Menon take us into a fictional behind-the-scenes struggle of the TV industry. The series is supported by a popular list of TV personalities like Drashti Dhami, Karan Patel, Rajeev Masand and more, who mock their crazy TV personalities.

A.I.S.H.A. - My Virtual Girlfriend

Socially awkward genius app developer works on an artificial intelligence app in secret, which slowly begins to get sensitive and develops emotions. The series by Arre is a brainchild of Raghu Ram of the Roadies fame.


Blending fashion with crime, Alisha - whose dreams come crashing down after being wrongly accused of a crime gets deported back to India only to embark upon a journey with sequins, sparkles, fur and mystery.

Not Fit

A hilarious mockumentary series starring Neerav Kapoor chronicles the adventures of every struggling actor in Mumbai, and his undying will to break into Bollywood.   

Special Mentions:-

Desi OC

Way back in 2006, Tarun Shetty along with his friend Atif Mirza came up with the concept of Desi OC, that followed the daily lives of struggling actors. The series ran for a good 6 years with way over 100,000 views, and this was a long time before Youtube Celebrities, a zillion subscribers and good internet connection for starters. This year, the makers recently launched their new show - Critical Mass, on similar plot lines where two actors are struggling to find a deeper meaning in their life.  

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