9 Things Never To Say To An Indie Filmmaker

Posted on 7 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

9-Things-Never-To-Say-To-An-Indie-Filmmaker It’s not easy being an indie filmmaker. In addition to complete lack of support from the government and a long battle with the mainstream, they have to deal with some ridiculous clichés from the rest of the world on a daily basis. In a bid to do something about this, we rounded up the nine things indie filmmakers are absolutely tired of hearing. So, the next time you meet an indie filmmaker and they tell you they are one, here’s what you should NOT say to them.  
  1. "Oh, why don't you work on this project for food and beer, it will give you good exposure."

Filmmaking for beer (Image Credits: Glamour.com)  
  1. "Filmmaking is so easy"

Filmmaking is easy (Image Credit: Movie Set Memes)  
  1. "All you have to do is hold a camera"

Hold a camera (Image Credit: Giphy.com)    
  1. "Indie filmmakers/artists crib a lot! We are tired of hearing you talk about the HOWS! Stop crying. Stop begging!”

Crib a lot (Image Credit: imgfave.com)  
  1. “There is no SCALE in your work (for a no budget project)”!

No scale in the project-2 (Image Credit: saboteur365)  
  1. Why don't you get a real job?

Get a job (Image Credit: giphy.com)    
  1. This budget is not supported by the box office.

Box office support (Image Credit: My Anime List)  
  1. Why don't you make films like Queen?

Movie like Queen (Image Credit: iDiva)  
  1. Yaar, give me a role too in your next film.

Make me an actor-2 (Image Credit: Seventeen.com)

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