9 Musicians Who Sing About the Problems of the World

Posted on 3 October, 2016 by Team Wishberry


Art has been known to creatively talk about a societal problem and raise a voice against the same. Music is that art form which has maximum outreach and has been used in bringing to the fore the issues that require amends.

Even today, there are artists who sing about war, corruption and social injustice. We curated a list of artists and songs to help motivate your anger towards injustice and lack of peace. Hope all the music will pump us up to take substantial action and make the world a better place.

Naezy - Haq Hai

Rapper Naezy broke into the scene with a YouTube video, Aafat. His talents were then discovered, appreciated, and loved by everyone, and he is now considered as one of the best rappers in the country.

Haq Hai, which released earlier this year, comments on the hardships of the society’s underprivileged while taking a dig at the Government’s efficiency and its crackdown on voices of resistance. Naezy’s rap is brilliant and brave. Produced by Sez, this track has the power to motivate one to do something about the wrongs in the society.

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Image Source: Naezy's Facebook page

Sofia Ashraf - Kodaikanal Won’t

Sofia Ashraf has been the face of Kodaikanal’s struggle against Unilever’s emission of waste into its waters. She took Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, which was a rage in the world at the time, and gave it her own spin with lyrics emphasizing on the problem of Kodaikanal and giving the movement a warcry in the form of the phrase ‘Kodaikanal Won’t!’, in the sense that Kodaikanal won’t back down against the mighty multinational.

The song went viral, including some of the Hollywood celebrities retweeting it, and that gave a huge push to the movement which got its first success in the form of Unilever admitting to some of the accusations.


Image Source: www.youtube.com

Blaaze - Ban the Police

Blaaze is a well-known rapper and has worked with the legendary A. R. Rahman on multiple occasions. Before Blaaze shot to fame, he wrote a rebellious track called ‘Ban The Police’.

In the song, he talks about all the fallacies of the police departments across the country while giving various examples of injustice due to corruption and other reasons. Bilkis Bano, Jessica Lal, Gujarat riots, etc. are some of the cases he speaks of in the song. The song achieves antithesis when Lavanya, a singer featured on the track cries for loving the police, signifying the perfect two voices in our head which are often subjected to the confusion of loving or hating the police.


Indian Ocean - Bandeh

If there’s an Indian band that needs no introduction, it has to be Indian Ocean. Over the past two decades the band has influenced a whole generation. Their track Bandeh put them truly on an unreachable pedestal. The track also featured in Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday, a film on the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts.

While the compelling music moves a person fed on religious prejudice, the lyrics of Bandeh simply begs for the mob mentality to stop.

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Image Source: GoMad Festival

Shadia Mansour - Al Keffiyeh Arabeyyeh

Shadia Mansour has been a voice for the people of Palestine for a few years now. The hip-hop artist was born in London and has lived both in and out of Palestine.

When a company is New York started manufacturing the keffiyeh (the checkered scarf) for fashion and called it the Israeli keffiyeh, Shadia knew she had to tell the world that the keffiyeh was Arab, and the song Al Keffiyeh Arabeyyeh was written. The title means ‘the scarf is Arab’. In the song she claims that the world can change its colour or wear the scarf for fashion, but it is Arabic and it will remain Arabic.

Mansour’s music has always spoken about the ill treatment of Palestine at the hands of Israel and the world, but it is this song which truly marked her presence in the world of music.

Image Source: Tumblr

Underground Authority - We Kill GIJoes

Underground Authority in a recent interview with Wishberry revealed that they don’t hold back and prefer speaking directly about the problems the society faces. They have done that throughout their musical career.

But their track We Kill GIJoes is literally a warcry against all that is wrong with our country with special focus on the corrupt governance. The song talks about fading beliefs and how our freedom is being violated by the ones who are in power.


Image Source: UA's Facebook

Blakc  - Choices

Mumbai grunge rockers Blakc have always given us aggressive, anthemic songs to pump up our soul for anything that needs to be done.

With Choices, the band urges the propagators of peace against the war-torn, hate-driven world that we currently live in. It is almost as if they are asking all those who want peace to make the choice of speaking out, taking action and fighting for the peace that we all have heard about.


Image Source: Blakc's Facebook page

Helly Luv - Revolution

Kurdish-Finnish popstar Helly Luv created a storm in the world when she shot the music video for Revolution only 3 kilometres away from the area where ISIS was being fought against. She literally stepped in the terror territory and shot a video for a song which voices against the terror.

In the track Revolution, Helly Luv talks about how a united world can achieve the unthinkable peace and that the darkness befallen on the ISIS struck areas can be done away with. She also urges the world to realise that we don’t need fighting and that all religions can coexist in peace.

Helly Luv, because of her courageous antics, became a rage in the world as it appreciated the efforts of the popstar to bring to notice the suffering of the Syrian and Kurdish people.

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Image Source: www.youtube.com

Heathen Beast - Carnage of Godhra

Mumbai black metal trio Heathen Beast released two albums so far in which they talk about the fallacies, violence and injustice that religion and factions of the society have resulted in.

In their album Carnage of Godhra, though, they hit home with the title track. They directly speak about the 2002 Godhra riots in Gujarat, and call for justice for the victims.

heathen beast.jpg

Image Source: Heathen Beast's Bandcamp page

This is our list of musicians who have voiced against the problems of the society including war, riots and injustice. Who would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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