8 Crazy Pitch Videos From Around The World and Why We Love Them

Posted on 19 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Crazy-pitch-video-ideas A pitch video is what you use to pitch your idea to people while asking for their money. Now, a pitch video needs to be really awesome- engaging yet convincing enough to make people want to hand you their money, all in three minutes or less. This is where you get to put your creative caps on and go all out to sell your idea. Need inspiration or reference? We dove into the interwebs and dug up some of the craziest crowdfunding pitch videos from around the world, so you wouldn’t have to!

Joan Cornella

As if his “silent” comics and posters weren’t enough, Joan Cornella- creator of disturbingly hilarious yet brutally satirical comics- decided to now make animated short videos. From getting an actress (check the YouTube subtitle for hint!) to play his part in a silly wig, to that crazy shocker ending- the pitch video not only holds your attention and entertains you, but also explains everything about the campaign without even once getting boring!

A House for Lions

Okay, maybe this is not CRAZY in the usual sense of the term. But major brownie points for originality and execution. The band manages to sneak in all the useful stuff like why they need money, what challenges they face etc. while the “investors” bring in some serious game to keep you hooked. This is the kind of stuff we’d like see first thing on Monday mornings after a crazy weekend. It was released in 2012, and four years later we still think it’d work wonders!

Amanda Palmer

Otherwise known as the “Rockstar of Crowdfunding”, Amanda Palmer knows how to ask for money. In this pitch video she does it without even speaking a single word out loud! Dressed in a Kimono and armed with a keytar, she manages to tell you everything you need to know, and well. If this doesn’t appeal to the anti-establishment and indie fans, we don’t know what will!

Who Gives A Crap

What better way to pitch about toilet paper than from a toilet? The CO-FOUNDER of the company is pitching FROM A COMMODE. In case you’re shy to ask for money normally, you need to watch this video. Take note, guys. Sappy is not the only emotion that sells.

Exploding Kittens

An epic card game from one of the most epic creators on the internet! The pitch video for Exploding Kittens wastes no time in conventional things like building suspense and setting the stage. It’s precise yet entertaining. (Although let’s be honest- Kittens. Goats. Magical Enchiladas. Weaponized Back Hair. EXPLOSIONS! – this is a project that sells itself.)

Cossbysweater’s Debut Album

If you’re a musician and want to raise funds for your music album, the simplest and most surefire way to go about it is by showing people what you’re capable of. That’s exactly what this duo did while pitching for their debut album. They composed and sang a “Give Us Your Money” song! What’s even better is the ridiculously easy execution. Prop up a webcam in a quiet room, sit in front of it with your guitar and pitch away!

Super Troopers 2 – The Time is Meow

After a great response to the first film, a sequel was but natural. However, here was the deal: Fox Searchlight agreed to release Super Troopers 2, but the makers had to secure all the funding themselves. So, they turned to crowdfunding and made this pitch video, which is not only brilliantly shot, but also hilarious (and offensive) from start to finish! In fact, the entire campaign for the film was a hilarious ride, which also justifies its wild success (raising $2 million in less than a day more than $3.1 million by the end of the campaign)!  


Emily, the teen creator, knows her greatest challenge is to convince people that she is capable of making a decent horror film in spite of her age. And she wastes no time in proving it- by poking fun at her childhood obsession with horror films and letting herself be fully doused in gelatinous fake blood.

What Can We Learn From These Pitch Videos?

  • Good content ALWAYS sells
  • Do not be afraid to experiment! If this is your dream project, be prepared to go above and beyond if you have to
  • Your pitch video should be distinctly YOU i.e. it should capture your unique style!
  • Appeal straight to your audience’s sensibilities!

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