8 Totally Amazing Bangla Metal Bands

Posted on 19 April, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Metal-bands-rocking-in-bengali There aren’t a whole lot of metal music fans out there, but the ones who do enjoy the metal scene are head-banging crazy for it. A fan of metal music or not, you must at least once watch a metal band gig live - the experience is electrifying. As we have been on the rounds creating lists of independent regional bands, we decided to take a break from that and curate a genre specific list of metal bands from West Bengal who have been know to bring a power packed performance in Bengali.
  1. Delete

Genre: Metal/Rock/Punk/Alternative Formed in 2010, after numerous bumps and road-blocks the 5 piece band was finally complete and ready to perform in 2012. Not only does the band play in Bengali, the band performs in Hindi as well, and has also re-worked rock into some of the popular Bollywood numbers. Delete believes that once heard the audience will not be able to delete them off of their memory, hence the name.
  1. Blood

Genre: Metal/Post Grunge This 4 piece metal band after coming together in 2012 have been considered one of the coolest Bangla bands in Kolkata. They associate the band’s music with blood - something one cannot survive without. Their songs Mogoj, Hinomonnota and Sorbohara have received rave reviews, and have also been appreciated by well established indie artists from Kolkata.
  1. Addiction

Genre: Rock/Prog Metal/Punk With smooth guitar riffs and synchronized double bass drum passages, the band hit the metal scene with a bang in 2010. Adding a tinge of metal magic to the most beautiful track Bollywood offered the world, Pehla Nasha -a relatively offshoot of progressive metal is one song you’ve got to listen to.
  1. Kolkata Clouds

Genre: Metal Kolkata Clouds’ impulsive progressions and ambient vocals make their songs a melodious journey in to a dream.
  1. Volk

Genre: Metal Formed in 2014, Volk is a very young 5 piece band with some serious metal music rising in their belly. With just three songs to their list, the band aims to represent common people and sing songs on freedom, anti-establishment, agony, etc.
  1. Psyclone

Genre: Metal/Experimental Psyclone is a 5-member experimental band from Kolkata. They burst into music scene in 2009 with their EP, `Apnader Mamdo'.
  1. Road Roller

Genre: Metal/Rock n Roll/Rock/Psychedelic Road Roller is a 3-piece band from Kolkata, formed in 2009, and has 2 albums out so far. The band narrates the story of a simple boy who lives life on his own terms, leaving a roadmap for others to follow.
  1. Afuraan

Genre: Rock/Metal/Blues/Alternative After forming in 2011, Afuraan began their professional career by performing in college festivals. The band is known for their edgy breakdowns and strange portrayals of misery and disbelief. Also, while you’re checking these bands out, do take a look at Chronic Xorn, Shrap and Yonsample from West Bengal, they’re simply brilliant!  

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