7 Things One Should Never Say To An Indie Musician

Posted on 10 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

X-Things-One-Should-Never-Say-To-An-Indie-Musician No matter how well you’re doing in your career, being an independent musician is extremely challenging. Every single person you know of has already communicated concerns regarding your choices in life. In addition you are in this game all on your own, unless you have free passes. This is why we rounded up 7 things that no one should ever even think of saying to an indie musician.
  1. You exactly sound and dress up like *insert the most pretentious musician ever*! NeverSayToAnIndieMusician -1

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  1. I’ll definitely support you. Just get me 2 passes please. NeverSayToAnIndieMusician -2

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  1. But music like this doesn't work in Bollywood na… NeverSayToAnIndieMusician -3

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  1. My niece took piano lessons, could she join the band?

    NeverSayToAnIndieMusician -4
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  1. Do you still hope to live the rockstar life someday?NeverSayToAnIndieMusician -5

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  1. So your job is dressing up and singing songs! What stress are you even talking about?

    NeverSayToAnIndieMusician -6
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  1. Please let me play with your guitar! NeverSayToAnIndieMusician -7

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