7 things every indie music lover wants their favourite artist to know!

Posted on 29 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry

10-Things-Every-Indie-Music-Fan-Wants Thanks to social media, all artists have access to their fans attention whenever they would need it. And, because of this crazy super-easy-to-use medium there is nothing more crucial to an upcoming band's success than their relationship with fans. While most musicians pretty much nail interaction with fans, some tank it. So in this race to create fan engaging content, we just spoke to a few die-hard indie music fans to learn what they'd like their favourite artist/band to do. Here’s a compilation of everything they said:

Personalise your communication

If you have no time to manage your social media, take time-off but do not copy/paste replies to all comments at once. If you outsource this task, make sure you hire a trusted social media team that knows the band history well. (Also read: 5 Things Musicians Who Have Nailed Social Media Do Right)

Stop blaming fans for piracy

Learn that the music industry hasn’t truly adapted to sustain in the internet era. Rather than blaming fans it would be best if you could teach your fans to support the band by buying music off digital distributors and digital music stores. (Also check out: Symphony Novel's Insights on Digital Distribution)

Never step off the stage

Make your fans feel special every now and then, not just during the concert season.

Go the extra mile

For fans who crave even more intimacy, offer them an invite into your world. Invite them for a hike, a yoga session, a bicycle ride or an invite to help you cook at home.

Help upcoming musicians

Fans who are aspiring musicians themselves, call them in for a song-writing session, or offer music lessons on Skype.

Support a cause

Give your fans a reason to adore you; attend a young fans birthday party, conduct a mini concert for kids at an orphanage, write a song for something that needs change.

Use the internet

It definitely is more fun to only write songs and record, but those days don't exist anymore, unless you managed to establish yourself way before the social-media mumbo jumbo. If there's something you want your favourite band to know, do let us know in the comments below.

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