7 Things Comic Artists Are Tired of Hearing

Posted on 6 September, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Sure, making comics is EASY. All you gotta do is doodle, riiiiight? WRONG! If you ever get that thought or any of the following thoughts when you come across a comic artist, you might want to keep it just that - a thought.   

This 'every discussion with family/relatives ever'

Don't you think you should get a regular job?

...And the real meaning of "exciting new project"

There's not much money, but there's a lot of exposure.

When your friends mistake you for their personal artist

Can you draw me something real quick?

Personal style be damned, COULD YOU draw something like this?

If only you could draw something like that!

What do you mean "this is not a superhero comic"?

So you're making a comic that's not about a superhero? How does that work?

And then there are these golden words spoken by THAT client

It's nothing like how I imagined it to be! I'm going to need you to redo it!

Yes, that's what it is - JUST drawing.

I'd support you if you were into something more serious than drawing!

Next time you meet a comic artist, be nice, be open, take them seriously and try not to say these things! Big thanks to the Reddit Community for giving (venting to) us their insights!

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