7 nasty situations every indie musician in India has faced

Posted on 15 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry

X-Nasty-Situations-Every-Indie-Musician-In-India Leading a life of an independent musician is a challenge in itself, apart from the usual hullaballoo of recording, performing and bringing together an audience; upcoming musicians are generally not supported for their initial ventures by society. Here are a few of the nasty things that happen to almost every indie musician:

Being asked to play an impromptu song at every social gathering ever

Musician - 1 Image Credits: FanPop.com

Attracting suspicion at the airport security due to all the heavy gear

Sound screw ups at gigs

Musician - 2 Image Credits: Tumblr

Questions on the 'Real Job' hunt

Musician - 3 Image Credits: TalentEgg.ca

Being nudged to participate in reality shows like Indian Idol

Musician - 4 Image Credits: ReplyGif.net

Not being taken seriously by distant relatives for pursuing a career in music

Musician - 5 Image Credits: Tumblr

Being forced by loved ones to quit

Musician - 6 Image Credits: PhotoBucket.com
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