7 International Youtube Channels Helping Indie Filmmakers

Posted on 4 November, 2015 by Team Wishberry

YouTube-Channels-Independent-Filmmakers-Should- For independent filmmakers, the learning truly never ends. In fact, the process of filmmaking itself is your classroom. And there’s still so much more to learn and understand- newer tricks to uncover, newer techniques to master. So, we’ve gone ahead and listed some truly awesome YouTube channels from around the world you won’t regret subscribing to!  

Film Riot

No list of resourceful and helpful YouTube channels is complete without Film Riot. Film Riot offers independent filmmakers (especially the budding ones) a pretty cool peek into various aspects of filmmaking on a budget. From making their own short films and dissecting every aspect of its making for the understanding of fellow indie filmmakers, to telling you how you can create your very own hole-in-the-pocket inducing scene without actually burning a hole in your pocket. Film Riot dishes out help in the most relevant way without even once getting monotonous. The channel will teach you nifty tricks like how to cut someone’s head off with an axe… safely or creating a super-speed running effect.  

Filmmaker IQ

The beauty of Filmmaker IQ is that every filmmaking lesson it dishes is rooted in history of filmmaking. So, you’ll not only learn how to use a particular technique, but also when it came into existence, how and to what effect, as well as its use through the course of time, making it a treat for filmmaking nerds who love their trivia. For instance, where they talk about the history of acting or mastering the art of The Dolly Zoom.  

Independent VFX

Filmmakers and visual effects enthusiasts will find absolute delight in this YouTube channel. Independent VFX is all about exactly what they name suggests. This channel is particularly helpful for those wanting to shoot action and war scenes. It shows you how you can shoot your own aerial shots, create a stream of ejecting bullet shells and then some more.  

The Frugal Filmmaker

The name is explanation enough. The Frugal Filmmaker gives some much-needed tips on DIY filmmaking, especially on how to build accessories like a light stand, a teleprompter, a camera slider and the like, all by yourself and without breaking the budget (obviously). Additionally, the channel also covers topics like how to make the best use of available lighting, as well as answers questions about the art of DIY filmmaking.  


Raindance is an encyclopedia on indie filmmaking unto itself. But if you’re looking for screenwriting and production tips, then you’ll appreciate their YouTube channel. The channel offers a wide host of videos right from their festival trailers to interviews to panel discussions on topics like making web series that actually work. It’s a good place to find inspiration.  

Every Frame a Painting

Every frame a painting is one of those few YouTube channels that focuses on the visual art that filmmaking can be. It really sheds light on the importance of attention to detail in production design and how the use of some of the most seemingly mundane things (like a chair) can add a certain amount of depth to a film. This, when paired with a kickass story that every indie film has, just becomes a winning formula.  

Cinema Sins

Cinema Sins is a pretty entertaining channel. And while the channel isn’t really educational per se, they are rather entertaining and educational about the soft skills side of filmmaking. One playlist that’s definitely worth checking out is the “How to Make” playlist, where they parody different kinds of films and styles, offering some pretty interesting insight on, well, how not to be a cliché. Got any channels that we missed out on, but shouldn’t have? Let us know!

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