7 Email Marketing Tips Indie Filmmakers Will Find Handy!

Posted on 10 May, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Image Source: The Entrepreneur

The last time we told you about the importance of email marketing, tools to use to make the most of your efforts and how to do it right. To make matters further simpler and to help you completely nail this thing, we’ve compiled a few of our tried, tested and much favoured email marketing tips and tricks. Here goes.

Make lists

Not only is this efficient but also so much more convenient. List down all your contacts and then separate them into categories based on your relationship with each of these people. Basically, divide your contacts into buckets such as family, friends, alumni, professional and social network, acquaintances etc. Once you do this, make sure you craft your communication differently for different groups. You wouldn’t talk to your ex-boss the same way you would with your school friends!

Figure out what you want your emails to communicate

When you’re building and engaging with your community via emails, you have to make sure that it’s not the same content as what you’ve shared on social media. This is a medium where you can offer details, insider information, private links etc. Your main task is to make sure your email not only stands out from the thousands of emails lying in their inboxes, but also that it has something of value, something from you that the rest of the world does not have yet.

Keep it simple, silly

The internet’s major curse is that of low attention spans, and this has seeped into almost every platform, including something as traditional as email. Therefore, make sure your audience gets the crux of your message before they’re distracted by the next shiny object. Don’t write thesis upon thesis in your emails, unless absolutely necessary.

Schedule your emails

Instead of spamming endlessly or emailing sporadically after 100 years of silence, make a calendar. And if your week looks too packed, you can simply schedule your emails beforehand. Yes, it’s actually possible to schedule your emails for the future. So, you no longer have the excuse of lack of time. If you know exactly what emails you’re going to send in the coming week, you can always sit on a Sunday evening and schedule the whole week’s emails easily. You can either use Gmail’s inbuilt scheduling feature, or use Boomerang for Gmail – it is simple and awesome.

Check, check, CHECK!

You don’t have to write a poetically crafted email or go back to school to revisit Grammar classes, but it always, always helps to keep an eye on what you are sending out to people. Check the language and tone (is this how you want to communicate with your community?). Content should be such that it actually makes people want to look forward to your emails. So make sure you spell-check your email and the names you’re mentioning, your punctuation in in place, etc. Badly written mails are a big no-no.

Do your homework

Look into your own inbox. What kind of emails are you most likely to open, and why? Whose emails do you enjoy the most? Understand why you respond well to these emails and then try to emulate those qualities in your emails! Every now and then put yourself in the shoes of your email recipients. What would make you open an email from a filmmaker? Think about all these things and pave your way forward.

Send good stuff!

Like we mentioned before, content is key. Great and unique content isn’t limited to social media alone. Each email you send should be a gift from you to your followers! So make sure you send something worthwhile or at least, enjoyable. While you’re at it, also make sure you craft some snazzy headlines and interesting subject lines (luckily there are a ton for awesome resources online to help you with this!).     

We hope with these tips, you find it much easier to get more and more people to subscribe to you and take over their mailboxes! Good luck!

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