7 Amazing Youtube Channels That'll Help You Make Your Film

Posted on 18 May, 2017 by Team Wishberry


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Go to film school for free! After all, in the Internet age all knowledge is up for grabs at the tip of your fingers. We dove into the depths of YouTube and found some of the most beneficial Channels for upcoming filmmakers that’ll teach one all that they’d need to know to make a film.

While with Wishberry’s crowdfunding model you sure can get a film with brilliant content rolling, but with these free tutorials, that film could go a long way into making history. Here are a few of them master class material channels:

Film Riot

Want your actors to run through a wall, get hit by a shotgun or break an arm and blow up their head? Then film riot has got your back! Hosted and curated by Ryan Connolly – an indie filmmaker, Film Riot shares DIY tips to capture magic, blood and guts on the channel. The videos are a fantastic mix of comedy and information, and is also considered to be the best filmmaking channel on YouTube.

Every Frame a Painting

Filmmaking is an art! And, this Youtube Channel celebrates it and constantly reminds filmmakers to create art in every aspect of filmmaking. While most people believe that creativity is dead, the channel aptly takes us behind every shot that has a deeper meaning, which helps a story progress; this in turn helps filmmakers think about films on a deeper level.

Do catch their analysis on Visual Comedy, especially if you’re an Edgar Wright fan.

Dave Dugdale’s videos are packed with a lot of information on filmmaking. Also, the approach with which Dave hosts the show is unique, as he is extremely curious who learns more about filmmaking as he’s teaching. His videos cover comparisons of various cameras, equipment and software along with quality tests, which makes it a fantastic channel for gear lovers.

Neumann Films

There is no way one would not trust the site for its knowledge on capturing good shots, as every video on the channel is shot with fantastic cinematic image quality. The videos explain exactly how they got their incredible cinematic shots and effects while focusing on colour grading and frame rates. Also, not all of their videos are free but we hear that the paid content is definitely worth it.

Tom Antos

The channel is packed with helpful tutorials and tricks designed to help a filmmaker master their craft. From reviews on latest gear to tutorials on lighting, you can learn it all.

Indy Mogul

The channel first began its laboratory for independent filmmakers back in 2007. Most of the videos they produced were majorly short films and DIY projects, however after a good 6 year run the channel went off-air due to lack of funds. In May 2016, Indy Mogul returned with the help of some decent backing by their fans. Their channel has way over 1000 videos, and we’re sure whatever your query on filmmaking is, it would be answered there.

Filmmaker IQ

Dedicated to help filmmakers learn the craft of filmmaking, Filmmaker IQ unlike other filmmaking channels puts film techniques in the context of film history. You won’t just learn how to record sound you’ll learn the fundamentals of how sound waves work and how they hit a microphone. If you’re looking for filmmaking education from scratch, Filmmaker IQ is for you.

If you know of any other awesome channels, we’d love to hear about the in the comments below.

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