6 times OK Go blew our minds!

Posted on 28 November, 2016 by Team Wishberry

American rock band, OK Go, have blown minds across the world with their music videos. Having risen to fame in the YouTube era, the band realised that their good music will require a visual assistance of such marvel that the fans will keep coming back to not only hear them, but also see their videos.

And with that realisation, vocalist Damien Kalash decided to direct most of their videos and ideate for all of them, only to fuck with our minds while pleasing our eyes. They use long or single shot for their videos, and boy, does it make you wonder!

Here are our top 6 OK Go videos to celebrate the end of 2016, which hasn’t been very gracious to the world of music.

The One Moment

The band’s latest offering is a video for a song, The One Moment, off their 2014 album, Hungry Ghosts. They took the title of the track literally and shot a video, which in real time runs only for a moment (4.2 seconds). It was shot at 6000 fucking fps and for the most part, the rest of the video is that version super slowed down.

They had determined what action will take place in each frame, which was executed to pinpoint precision. And when you see the video, you realise that every action takes place on a beat. That is sheer brilliance.

I Won’t Let You Down

Before OK Go went bonkers with frames per second, they went bonkers with people and formations. Their second video from their 2014 album Hungry Ghosts, was for the song I Won't Let You Down. They took Honda Uni-Cub, which basically is a moving chair, and they went to Japan, where they ended up making 8 bit art with people instead of pixels. They sped up the video to make the dance movements seem a tad faster, a technique used by many Japanese films. Which only meant that the band themselves had to move slower than normal to bring in normalcy.

You have to see this one to believe it. DO NOT miss the end!


You give a band a Chevrolet and the band might use it for driving their equipment around. OK Go understood it as ‘driving around equipment’. So they arranged electric guitars, big blue plastic drums, small nails, grand pianos, and a bunch of other things, into a rally style driving track. Basically, a big, metallic junkyard bangfest, as described by Damian.

OK Go made Needing/Getting, then built a giant 1.5 mile long track/instrument tuned to perfection, and drove around it and played the entire song like that.

Yep. They never fail to amaze.

Here It Goes Again

We have to go back to their breakthrough music video, the video which should be made compulsory for all bands/artists who say they don't have the money to make a music video. Here It Goes Again, a track off their second album, Oh No!, is low-budget craftsmanship, which keeps you so highly entertained that it keeps your mind off the wo de video quality, budget, setting, etc.

The band set up shop in a large room, with literally a curtain for backdrop with 8 treadmills arranged in front of it. They perform some choreography on those running treadmills to create formations and a movement pattern meant to keep you engaged. Innovation only needs idea was proved with one.

The Writing’s On The Wall

Installation art is amazing. Especially the kind which looks 2D when looked at from a certain angle. OK Go saw those and probably went, ‘Hey, let’s put a bunch of these things in a room, move a camera around and make people think they’re high’. And they did.

This is one of their trippiest videos. The camera is moved around in a single take, accommodating all such installations, while showing us, first the 2D angle of it and then showing us how we got fooled. The Writing’s On The Wall was their way of giving us a high without investing in drugs. That’s the kind of philanthropy the world likes.

Upside Down and Inside Out

A plane. Flying in the sky. Zero gravity.

That forms the setting of this music video. Flying bodies following choreographed movements, balloons filled with paint, soft toys ripped apart, and a bunch of other things on offer.

OK Go made the most of this setting and what it gives the viewer is a colourful watching. This is one of those things which makes everyone want to experience zero gravity with that amount of fun and props. I mean, hey, it would be great to throw paint balloons at friends in zero G.

Special Mention:

All Is Not Lost

Human kaleidoscope. Go figure.

This is our list of OK Go videos you MUST watch! Which ones would you like to add? What other artists’ music videos are equally mindblowing? Share with us in the comments!

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