6 Things Indie Filmmakers Can Learn About Twitter Fan Engagement From Guillermo Del Toro

Posted on 26 November, 2015 by Team Wishberry

6 Things Indie Filmmakers Can Learn About Twitter Fan Engagement From Guillermo Del Toro Guillermo Del Toro’s Twitter timeline is the kind you’d want to turn to if you want your day’s dose of whimsy and interesting content. The filmmaker really knows how to share his opinions without getting needlessly promotional. In fact, he seems to have taken it upon himself to share really interesting stuff with the humans of Twitter. Not that we’re complaining. Here are a few things you can learn when it comes to bringing your A Game to Twitter. (Also read: 5 Reasons Why Indie Filmmakers Should Use Twitter)  

Stay relevant to your genre

One quick look at his Twitter timeline and you’ll know that GDT has his loyalty sworn to the genres of horror and dark fantasy. He’ll constantly share links and trivia about horror and macabre subjects, therefore establishing himself as a true connoisseur of his genre of interest.

Share interesting things and people

Now while staying relevant is important, no one’s going to look at you if you’re not interesting enough to hook them on from start to finish. Your fans and potential audience are waiting to get an insight into what inspires you, how much you know, where you get your daily dose of creativity from etc. Guillermo doesn’t hesitate one bit before tweeting about works that he finds interesting or noteworthy. He’ll regularly talk about filmmakers, writers, artists and even music composers to watch out for and why.

Be helpful

Now taking all of this really cool content a notch higher, he’ll also tweet about things that people who are interested in his genres would find useful and enjoyable. Like the time he took it upon himself to curate “little gems in classic dark fiction”… or weird indie comics. Because knowledge is so much better when shared.

Make people do stuff

Beyond fun conversations and helping people out, a really, really cool way of engaging with fans is by making them do something. It could be something philosophical like this: Or something educational like this: It creates a good break in everyone’s rather monotonous timeline or day, and is a pretty cool way to interact with fans and make them not only remember you but also keep returning to your timeline.

Start a series

Because why not! Pick a day and a subject that you have plenty to share about, and just tweet it. When you’re at your wit’s end about what to share, this will help you. Moreover, it helps get you a sort of exclusivity and your followers something to tune into on a specific day, even if the said series is something very simplistic. Guillermo has multiple such Twitter properties on his timeline, which are pretty simple yet amazingly insightful. Notice how Del Toro takes the much clichéd idea of “Throwback Thursday” and gives it his own spin: Even better are the tweets about “Righting a Wrong”, which in Guillermo’s own words is “a daily list of films that must be revisited or discovered. (That have been) Obscure, maligned or forgotten. Or the very simple yet very helpful, Book of The Day tweets:

And every now and then, share what you believe in…

After all, how do you reinforce yourself as a filmmaker worth his salt if you don’t share things that your strongly believe in and/or resonate with you. It could be anything- a quote, your feelings about a film, your views on films and storytelling- you get the drift. The one thing we absolutely adore about Guillermo Del Toro’s Twitter is an eccentric yet beautiful mix of useful, relevant, educational and entertaining content. It’s the kind of stuff you’d want to bookmark and go back to every time you get some creative inspiration! And yes, it takes time to build something like this, but you have the knowledge and the resources, all you need to do is set some time aside to tweet it out!

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