6 Simple Email Marketing Tools Filmmakers Will Find Handy

Posted on 12 April, 2016 by Team Wishberry

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We recently spoke about the importance of email marketing. Sending regular emails to your community is simpler than it seems, but it does require some time and effort. But, nothing to be anxious about. We’ve rounded up a few awesome tools that will not only make your email efforts easier, but will also optimize them to give you better results!


Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools to send emails and run email marketing campaigns. Although it has a paid version, the free side of Mailchimp lets you use send up to 12,000 emails to up to 2000 subscribers. You can build separate lists (segregated according to family, friends, staff, investors etc.), access a wide range of email templates that make it simpler to draft visually appealing mails and even analyze the statistics of how each email has performed. You can even schedule when to send an email!


Boomerang is a Gmail extension (available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox users) that really eases the burden of sending a lot of emails over a regular period of time. You can schedule your emails to be sent in the near future, as well as create email reminders. It also lets you track who has read your email and responded to it.


This isn’t much about sending emails or tracking them, as much as it about enabling an email database. If you have a website (which you absolutely should have by now), iContact helps you add a sign-up form to your website, so that anyone who visits your site and likes what they see can be notified about anything new via email! Plus, you have yet another neat way to collect the very-precious emails of your audiences. You can even download a list of the emails collected via this form, should you have to run an online marketing campaign. Packages start from $14 onwards.

Subject Line Checker

No matter how great the email is, if the subject line isn’t good enough, it’s useless as no one’s going to be motivated to open these emails. Really. Did you know that 33% of users open their emails based on the subject line alone? This tool lets you put in your text and check the subject line’s strength on a scale of 100. It even tells you what it’s lacking and what you should do to make it better!  

The Hemingway App

Not all of us are copywriters who have cracked the code of effective communication with the intent of selling something. And yet, clever content is needed to get your recipients to open YOUR email over the thousands of emails piled up in their inboxes. This is where this app comes in. The app lets you put in your subject lines, headline and email content, and it tells you if the content is too wordy hard to read or (gasp!) grammatically incorrect. It really helps you and takes time off going over the same email a hundred times.

Email spam test

Trust us, you need this. You don’t want your efforts to gather dust in your audience’s spam box, alongside credit card offers and congratulatory emails on winning a lottery. All you need to do is put your subject line and the HTML source code of your email, and hit the button. The tool will run your email against various tests and give you a spam score and a full report. 

You don’t have to use all tools in one go; you’ll lose your mind and be turned off by this forever. Start with picking one tool that you think you need the most, and just take it from there. Good luck!

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