6 Reasons Why Creators Should Have An Email Database

Posted on 17 September, 2016 by Team Wishberry

A lot of creators ask us if mere social media (read: Facebook and/or Twitter) presence and engagement is enough to engage with and keep a community alive and kicking. Well, social media engagement is one extremely important factor (as it’s pretty much the first line of contact for your fans and followers) in community-building, but the other factor is equally crucial i.e. email database. In fact, all your social media efforts should direct towards getting the email addresses of your fans, followers and existing and potential audiences. To explain further, here’s why you need an email database of your community:

To run effective online marketing campaigns

If you’ve spend enough time on Facebook, you’ll realize how twisted its algorithm is when it comes to how many people a page reaches and how many people actually see your posts. In fact, it keeps getting trickier with every update. Therefore, if you want to run ad campaigns or promote your posts around your upcoming project effectively, it’s crucial you have email id’s of everyone in your network and then some more, so you know your content is reaching the right people.

Announcing the start of your upcoming projects

Got an exciting new project coming up? Let your community in on it before anyone else, by sending them newsletters about what you’ve been up to all this time, and what’s store for them as loyal members of your community!

Detailed update on a project's progress

You may not want to share all the juicy as well as tricky details of your project’s progress on Facebook – which is understandable, honestly. Through emails, you can be as detailed as possible – about time delays, challenges you’re facing, new developments, important announcements etc. Plus, it’s more intimate too – something your community will always appreciate!

Involve them in your project related activities

Whether you’re hosting a workshop, doing a presentation, a tour or any promotional event, this is your chance to involve your community in your activities! Send them exclusive access to teasers, invite them for a bar-a-thon or a brainstorming session when you’re visiting their city – the possibilities of further strengthening your relationships are endless.

Call for collaborations!

This is where you really show how well you know your community. Collaborations are not only a great way to add an extra dose of freshness and perspective to your work, but also really involve people who care about what you do in the actual process of creating something awesome! And if you know the kind of talent pool that’s in your network, you’re just an email away from starting something cool!

Appeal for funding support

As an independent artist, you know there’s no such thing as enough money. Getting finances in place to make sure you not only get your project ready, but also put it out there to be seen by the right kind of people. This is where your community comes to the rescue. Don’t hesitate to ask for monetary support from them! As long as you’re honest about why you need the money, you’ll be surprised at the wonders a great community can work! Emails may seem like an archaic tool, and one full of spam. But, trust us, it’s still one of the most effective modes of online communication! So, what else do you use emails for? Got any more questions? Ask away!

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