5 Very Cool Music Debut Projects Made Possible Through The Community

Posted on 1 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

TheVinylRecords - Wishberry There’s a common notion surrounding crowdfunding for creative projects- that only the famous names can succeed, because why would people care about a newbie? Turns out, as long as a project is amazing, people do care. And we’re not just saying this for thrills or as a random hypothesis. Of the many miracles that crowdfunding has worked for creative individuals across the country, one of the best is where it has given budding artists, filmmakers and basically, any new creative worth his/her salt a much-needed shot to get closer to ultimate glory. Here are a few that happened on Wishberry that prove it.


Formed in 2010, Bangalore-based rock band Parvaaz is one of the most promising bands in the country. They had already garnered enough name before they set out to crowdfund the production of their debut album Baran- a full-length album with 8 songs, in 2014. The album is a mix of their live performances, jam room sessions and collaboration with other artists. To put it simply, Baran is an album that puts you on a soul searching journey- making you feel anything between broody and contemplative to upbeat and uplifted. The album invokes themes of society’s endless quest for materialism and an individual’s need to rise above this greed.

Mame Khan

In case you didn’t already know, Mame Khan is a renowned and beloved Rajasthani folk singer from the Thar Desert. Bringing Manganiyar music some much-deserved love and attention from all across the country, Mame Khan and The Manganiyars’ debut album was crowdfunded in 2014. The album- a collection of 7 eclectic songs- adds a modern touch to 15 generations of traditional music by blending Rajasthani folk songs with Sufi.

Barkha Saxena- Would You Consider Me

Tired of music companies’ unrealistic demands and constantly being asked to compromise on the quality of her craft, Barkha Swaroop Saxena turned to crowdfunding to make her first ever music video, ‘Would You Consider Me?’. The song is written, composed and sung by her- making it a pretty well-rounded DIY project and setting an example of how artists can simply take things in their own hands to get what they want. The video is funny, peppy and just one of those things to leave you with an amused smile on your face! The song was used as an OST in indie-film Hola Venky.

Kanishk Seth

19-year old Kanishk Seth’s love affair with music production began when he was just 14! In October 2014, he launched his debut album ‘Trance with Khusrow’, which blends two very ethereal genres- Trance and Sufi- together. In 2015, he campaigned to have his first ever music video called ‘Jab Yaar Dekha’ crowdfunded on Wishberry. What’s so special about this video? Well, for one it’s animated! For two, it’s a video that brings to life an 800 year old work of art by poetic master Amir Khusrow.

The Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records is an all-girls 4-piece indie-post punk band from the North-East. In 2013, the band decided to have their debut music video for the title track of their album Whims. While the overall album follows themes of feminism and women empowerment, the music video in itself is loaded with illusionistic motifs making it one hell of a really fast-paced rollercoaster ride set against a very impressive landscape. The video is addictive from start to finish and is a treat for punk rock fans. Got a project you’re itching to bring to life? You know what to do.

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