5 Things You Should Be Prepared for Before Crowdfunding Your Creative Idea

Posted on 6 July, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Crowdfunding is a brilliant way to bring great ideas to life. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The crowdfunding experience is different for different creators. And so many creators have learnt things the hard way; things they wish they knew beforehand.


Crowdfunding is a full time job

Yes. In fact, it’s pretty much going to take over your life for the entire period that it lasts. Although prior preparation and advance planning can save you from a lot of stress. A crowdfunding campaign calls for research, a solid marketing strategy, a PR plan, a lot of following up, and even rethinking your strategy midway. Handling all of this, while also working on other important tasks can get stressful. So set some time aside for this.


You’ll have to build an active social media presence

You’ll get good traction only when your project has a lively social media page, meaning Facebook. So start your project page on Facebook now and start putting out interesting content related to your project. And building this takes time, so you have to work on your social media presence and reach before you even start crowdfunding.


You can’t do this alone!

There’s a lot of work to be done, some of which you won’t have the skill or the time for! You will need someone to come up with a good social media content around your project, to post on Facebook and you will need some PR help. So get a copywriter, graphic designer and someone who knows the bloggers! You will also need someone to shoot a kickass pitch video, which can make or break your campaign. So get this team on board, before you dive in.


Things will move slowly

The possibilities that crowdfunding presents – to be able to raise the funds you need, to start conversations on social media, to watch your idea gain the popularity it deserves – are extremely exciting. And you even plan out your whole strategy in based on this excitement. However, here’s what you should know. Although your crowdfunding campaign will see a lot of hype in its initial phase, there will come a time when the buzz around it will just die down, and the traffic and funding will come down to a slow trickle. Don’t let it bring you down. It’s bound to happen. Don’t stop trying, don’t bring all your activities and marketing efforts to a stop. Keep engaging with your audience and the interest alive!


You will need A LOT of people to spread the word

Making your campaign viral is key to success. However, this is possible only if your personal networks (i.e. family and friends) fund it and spread the word about it at the same time. Make sure EVERYONE, and we mean, EVERYONE in your life (even that aunt you haven’t spoken to in years) is ready to put their money in your campaign. So, you have to be shameless (there’s no escaping this) when it comes to asking money from people.

The road to success is long and results take time. With patience, diligence and creativity, you can laugh your way to the bank too! All you have to do is set the foundation right with these little tips! Got questions? Ask away!

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