5 Successfully Crowdfunded Indian Documentary Films of 2017

Posted on 24 January, 2018 by Team Wishberry

Last year, we saw some gritty, entertaining and eye-opening real-life stories come to the fore. These movies crowdfunded their budgets on Wishberry and collected over Rs. 50 Lakhs from 400+ people proving that crowdfunding and documentaries are a winning combination. Here’s a low-down on the most-liked, crowdfunded documentaries of 2017:

1. Azmaish, A  Journey Through The Subcontinent

Azmaish, captures two women, Pakistani filmmaker Sabiha Sumar and Indian Actress Kalki Koechlin, as they set off on an extraordinary journey through India & Pakistan.They uncover the common humanity that lies between their homelands that is way beyond the divisive political rhetoric.

2. Gusadi, A Film On An Ancient Nomadic Tribe of India

Award winning filmmaker Jennifer Alphonse went to the dangerous interiors of Telangana to shoot her documentary film, Gusadi.  In the film, she highlights the unique lives of the people of the near-to-extinct Gond tribe as well as their extraordinary dance form called Gusadi.  

3. Trip With Me

In 2017, Shubh Mukherjee set out to make a travel-based documentary film, Trip With Me and to make it interesting he decided to give himself an astoundingly short timeline of 30-days to go to and visit all the corners of the World's 7th largest country - India. What followed was nothing short of eye-opening.  

4. Extreme Nation

Roy Dipankar, an avid metal music fan and filmmaker, always felt that the metal music subculture has been largely  left unexplored, so he made a ‘rockumentary’ to showcase the metal music culture pervading India. His film Extreme Nation chronicles one of the most explicit and mysterious movements that spawned over metal music in the Indian subcontinent.

5. Special Envoy

Aquino de Bragança, born in the year of 1924 in erstwhile Portuguese India (now Goa) was a physicist, journalist and diplomat. Did you know that this he entrusted with the responsibility of negotiating another country’s (Mozambique) peace from colonial power Portugal ? Nalini Elvino De Sousa 's documentary - Special Envoy brings to light Aquino’s special life story as well his friendship with the to-be President of Mozambique and its tragic end.


Are you a filmmaker looking to bring a real story to the reel? You can submit your documentary film on Wishberry and crowdfund it successfully!

(Disclaimer: None of these films can be watched right away as they finished collecting funds fairly recently. We are looking forward to them being publicly available as soon as they finish filming. Watch this space for updated links on where to watch these films, once they are ready)   

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