5 Reasons Why Indie Filmmakers Should Use Twitter

Posted on 16 November, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Benefits-of-Twitter-for-Indie-Filmmakers- Although on the surface Twitter may seem like a complicated vortex you’re too afraid to understand, once you do, you’ll find that the benefits are aplenty. Yes, even for filmmakers. You’ll be surprised at how Twitter is not only very easy to use, but also very useful for filmmakers (think: inexpensive way for film promotions). Here are a few benefits of using Twitter.

Easy to connect with celebs and influencers! – Explain who is an influencer as well

And influencer is someone who has not only a huge following and clout on Twitter, but also  someone who’s an opinion leader in their area of interest. Sometimes, one retweet from a Twitter influencer is all you could need to give your film promotions or your personal account that extra boost. And it's rather easy to get, if you have good work to show and ask nicely. Apart from influencers, you can also have fun conversations with your followers or people who could be prospective fans. No one minds it as long as you're being funny, helpful or interesting. And conversations are the first step in building a community.

You can leverage hashtags to promote your films

A hashtag is a type of label or a tag that makes it easier for users to find content with a specific theme or topic. If you're promoting your upcoming film, then you can use popular hashtags such as #indiefilm so that word about your film spreads to people who will be interested in that hashtag. Or, you can simply create your very own hashtag, which you could use in every tweet. This way, even your supporters will start using them. So, when someone wants to know what exactly everyone's on about with your hashtag, all they need to do is click on it and everything anyone's ever said using it will appear on one timeline.  Another clever thing you can do is to take an already trending hashtag and use it in your tweet to promote your film. So everyone who's talking about that hashtag will discover you and your film and voila!

Easy to search likeminded people and be discovered with Hashtags!

A simple use of a hashtag is all you need to find likeminded people or know who might be interested in films. All you need to do is type in a hashtag of your choice in the search box of Twitter, for e.g. #film, #indiefilm, #indiefilmmaker, #shortfilm, or you could type in the name or hashtag of your favourite movie like, #ShawshankRedemption and you will get all the people who tweeted using the hashtag you’ve mentioned. It’s a nifty way of finding a targeted audience and having a conversation with them on a common topic. So, what are you waiting for? Tweet away!

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