5 mistakes that could ruin a crowdfunding campaign

Posted on 12 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry


You may not even realize it when you think about having a project crowdfunded. But, these seemingly harmless moves could actually cause some major damage to your campaign; worst of it all, resulting in failure.

Going AWOL

This cannot be stressed enough! Running a campaign, no matter how well planned it is, requires a lot of work throughout. There’s no idle moment till your campaign has reached its funding target. This means, you have to keep creating and maintaining buzz, continue networking with people and basically maintain the traction for your campaign. All this can’t happen if you’ve decided to disappear soon after your campaign goes live.


No focus on personal branding

You’re asking everyone under the virtual sun to back your project, but it still isn’t working. Why? The answer could be simple: they don’t know you. All marketing efforts go in vain, if you haven’t let your personal branding or even your project’s presence flourish well before going for crowdfunding. Most projects fail because people don’t know you and therefore can’t connect with you. No one’s going to back you, let alone talk about you, if they don’t know you. Trust goes a long way in fostering word of mouth- perhaps the most powerful tool in crowdfunding. So, take a couple of months out if you have to, just to focus on building your personal brand and letting people know what you’re up to. And now, thanks to social media, it’s ridiculously easier than ever!  

No focus on the USP

All remarkably successful campaigns have one thing in common. They are all unique. In fact they are so unique, that they make people go from “How did you even think about this?” to “Why didn’t I think about this!” to “This needs to happen!” If an idea is unique, it automatically turns every backer into its ambassador. Often it happens that the idea is unique, yet it isn’t getting the fanfare it deserves. In such a case, it serves to take a step back and analyse the communication. There’s a high chance you’re not talking about that one zinger factor that sets your project apart! Never lose sight of what makes your campaign unique. It’s one of those magical things that you can singlehandedly leverage your whole crowdfunding campaign on.  

You’re talking, but not connecting

We keep saying this all the time. One of the best things to have come out of crowdfunding is that backers from all over the world are brought in touch with a creator to not just carry out a simple transaction but form a bond, exchange ideas, gain valuable feedback, form interesting collaborations and so much more. The possibilities are endless and each one is more amazing than the other. However, this unicorns and rainbows magic isn’t going to happen if you fail to engage with potential backers. Simple posting the same updates over and over again is like getting drunk and shooting arrows in the dark- useless and likely to cause some damage.
Now that you're wiser, go make new mistakes, learn new lessons (and come back to tell us about it). :D

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